The 7 Best Cosmic Kids Yoga for Kids Youtube Videos


ave you ever tried getting your kid to be still and do yoga or any other task? That right there could possibly drive you crazy. Getting a kid’s attention for more than a few minutes can be utterly exhausting, and that’s where Cosmic Kids come to your aid. The only way kids can participate in something as complex as yoga is when they are given huge imaginations that they can relate to, which will encourage them to participate. Cosmic Kids Yoga uses storytimes to capture your child’s attention and make them move their bodies while calming their minds for even a few minutes at a time. 

The best thing that a bad situation ever gifted the world is most things moving onto the online platform. When there was restricted movement, people started having all sorts of classes online, including yoga classes for kids. Cosmic Kids Yoga is the most famous yoga YouTube channel for children. Having children at home at all times without too many physical activities to do indoors that they could do outdoors can be daunting, but yoga for children can help them enjoy themselves while still moving their bodies.

What is cosmic yoga, kids?

Cosmic Yoga Kids is a YouTube channel meant to encourage mindfulness and yoga for younger kids who might lose interest quickly in an otherwise mainstream yoga. They introduce yoga in an enjoyable way that helps keep the kid’s attention while stretching their bodies and working up their overly creative imagination. Children get to breathe, visualize, and relax as they practice yoga. 

Their primary focus is introducing mindfulness and relaxation content for kids to help their mental and physical strength. Besides learning mindfulness, these YouTube videos will also teach your kids mindful lessons for life. Most of the time, teaching kids yoga can be a bit hard, but when it comes to Cosmic Kids Yoga, they have a great way of connecting with kids and speaking their language while helping them move through each movement. 

What age is cosmic yoga for?

The style of yoga used by Cosmic Kids Yoga is most suitable for kids between the ages of 3-8. Even though older kids will enjoy this form of yoga, it is less likely as they keep growing. For example, tweens will be feeling a little older for that level of storytelling and involvement because we all know how tweens want to feel like they’re all grown. When watching the Cosmic Kids Yoga, you can see how energetic Jamie is, and that’s because it’s for kids who are at that age where they’re untouchable, can’t sit down for more than five minutes, and are always running around. This form of yoga makes them more mindful of themselves and those around them.

Where can I watch Cosmic Kid Yoga?

You can watch Cosmic Kid Yoga on YouTube, iPhone, Apple TV, prime video, and their app. Jamie started this by training as an actor, and on weekends she entertained at children’s parties and began introducing yoga to entertainment. She then started teaching yoga at schools using stories to get children to do yoga movements with her. She then moved on and started creating yoga for kids on YouTube, which served a bigger crowd of children from anywhere in the world.

Why is cosmic yoga good for kids?

Yoga is a beneficial tool for both adults and children. There are many ways in which yoga can benefit your child, and these include: 

  1. It helps children move their body  
  2. It helps increase positive self-image and self-confidence.
  3. It makes them feel like they’re part of a healthy activity. 
  4. It helps build your child’s concentration 
  5. It helps children manage stress through breathing exercises, meditation, awareness, and body movement. 
  6. It helps children learn how to use their bodies in a healthy way.

The 7 Best Cosmic Kids Yoga for Kids Youtube Videos

This yoga class starts at the foot of the famous staircase of Frozen. Jaime makes this yoga session fun by narrating the Anna and Elsa story by moving from one yoga pose to the other. The storytelling is quite intriguing, and so is her way of narrating the story. By conveying the famous Frozen story, Jaime guides kids through twenty yoga poses across three different lands capturing so much attention from the viewer. If your child loves the movie Frozen, they will definitely love this yoga session. There is lots of ice and snow to make it feel magical for young audiences.

This yoga episode is troll-themed as it is based on the movie “Trolls.” Jaime goes all out with this theme as she dresses up in a troll wig, and her body is covered in pink. The whole video sets the mood for your kid to feel like they’re there with her as her background shows the ideal place where trolls would be living. Like in the previous video, she uses storytelling to bring the yoga movements to life. The story helps guide the children from one yoga posture to the next. She even sings when necessary to help pass the story.

In this Halloween-themed yoga session, Jaime introduces Ruby Broom, who’s from a family of wizards and witches. The background for this yoga class is the front lawn of a home. As she goes through the story of Ruby Broom, she teaches the importance of being ourselves and loving ourselves for who we are, which is a great way to help your kid learn the importance of self-love and accepting themselves as they are. There are lots of magical sounds that come with her narration, which will keep your child entertained and moving as demonstrated. You can let your kid practice with Jaime this yoga routine during Halloween when everyone is in the Halloween spirit or every other time if your child just loves Halloween.

This yoga class starts with a pony walking, bringing about the theme of the entire episode. Even Jaime is in a colorful wig, just like the ponies, which can be very exciting for young kids who love the show “My Little Pony.” Her background throughout the entire episode is the pony’s little town, Equestria. She narrates the whole story by helping children move from pose to next. In this episode, we have ponies visiting, which will keep the kids interested throughout the entire yoga class.

This yoga class takes place at the bottom of the ocean. Not only does she guide kids through yoga movements, but she also does encourage them to eat fruits and vegetables. She captures the children’s minds through her storytelling and by making them more imaginative. The entire class goes through twenty yoga poses that are very fun because of the storytelling and fantastic imagination that she intrigues.

This yoga class introduces Popcorn, the dolphin. She starts off this class on the beach with a pirates theme. Filled with an excellent imagination for kids that love pirate stories and the ocean and beach. It is captivating and keeps your kid interested in completing the yoga class. In this adventure, Jaime helps your kids through an adventure where they help Popcorn the dolphin find the treasure.

This fun yoga adventure with Jaime takes your kid to outer space. Mike and Muttnik is a space monkey and dog who love exploring space. She uses these characters to narrate a story across the moon with the adventures of these two characters. She carries the kids from their homes up to the moon using their imagination, taking them from one pose to the next. The entire video is engaging and will keep your kid concentrated as they listen to her stories and instructions in the stories. All the space-loving kids will enjoy this yoga session which will bring adventure and lots of stretching.

Why is Cosmic yoga good for kids?

Yoga can benefit children and adults in similar ways. If you’re wondering why Cosmic yoga is suitable for kids, then you’re in the right place. Cosmic yoga for kids has physical, emotional, mental, and asocial benefits for your children.

Mental, emotional, and social benefits

  1. The stories they learn in these yoga sessions teach them compassion for themselves and others by exploring the meaning of stories in a non-competitive environment. 
  2. The stories encourage the children to learn self-confidence by relating to the characters, getting inspiration from them, and accomplishing the day’s yoga moves. 
  3. Because of movement and lots of breathing, oxygen circulates the body and brain, which improves memory retention and learning ability. 
  4. The stories they hear during the yoga class encourage self-expression because they can now easily use their imagination and creativity. 
  5. It increases children’s attention span and concentration because of the story structure, including visualization and hearing instruction. Because they move while listening and watching the story, children connect emotionally to the presented story. 
  6. Yoga teaches breathing and relaxation techniques that improve how kids deal with anxiety and stress. 
  7. These stories presented encourage social awareness and group and partner work in role-playing stories. 
  8. It also encourages joy and a positive outlook because of the fun stories which bring about a happy experience in class. 

Physical benefits

  1. Yoga helps build core strength which is good for posture and overall physical fitness. 
  2. It supports and strengthens the immune system by reducing stress and stimulating the lymph system. 
  3. It helps develop the right balance between strength and muscle tone throughout the body to support joints. 
  4. It improves balance, alignment, and coordination as your kid keeps practicing yoga. 
  5. It helps retain more calcium in the body which helps build strong bones when practicing weight-bearing postures. 
  6. Children get to develop a positive body image and be aware of how to look after it. 
  7. It improves sensory awareness. Kids learn how to know what’s going on in their body and mind while in the postures. 
  8. It helps calm the nervous system and balances energy levels as it contains twists that stimulate the spinal cord and regular practice with relaxation. 

Final thoughts

Yoga is generally good for both kids and adults. Cosmic Kids Yoga youtube videos offer a great learning opportunity for children between 3-8 years. If you have a kid between these ages, getting all the benefits of yoga from a great teacher in comfort would be helpful. If you are interested in working professionally with children, you may consider pursuing a children’s yoga certification online.

Caleb Sharbono is a writer, bio-hacker, wellness advocate, and yogi. Caleb, who grew up on a small Montana ranch, joined the Navy at 17 to study cryptology. He later graduated from the US Naval Academy with a Minor in Mandarin, a Bachelor's in General Engineering, and a Major in English Literature. Caleb's interests and career cover diverse industries and disciplines. Caleb lives in San Antonio and is a Certified Yoga Instructor. He is also studying Zen Buddhism, practicing Holistic Psychology, and working towards his 300-hour yoga teacher training.


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