The 10 Best Pranayama Yoga Courses Online


oga is so much more than moving your body through asanas or poses. Meet Pranayama, also known as breathwork. Practicing breathwork has many benefits and can significantly enhance your yoga practice.

Let’s explore the best Pranayama courses available online, a breakdown of what Pranayama is, and how to incorporate it into your daily life. We will also discuss precautions and contraindications to a breathwork practice. Lastly, let’s discuss how to practice correctly and the connection to asanas.

The following are the Best Pranayama Courses Online:

  1. My Vinyasa Practice
  2. Yoga Bliss
  3. Akasha Yoga Academy
  4. Siddhi Yoga
  5. Online Yoga School
  6. Happy Jack Yoga
  7. The Peaceful Warriors
  8. Arhana Yoga
  9. Mark Stephens Yoga
  10. Sounds True

What is pranayama, and how does it relate to yoga practice?

Pranayama is a Sanskrit word that breaks down into two smaller words. The first is “prana,” which refers to your life force, your vital energy. The second word is “ayama,” which means expansion or control. Putting these together gives you Pranayama, the practice of controlling your breath to regulate the flow of prana. Your breath links your body and your mind. By owning it, you can influence your physical body, mental state of mind, and emotional state.

Typically, Pranayama is practiced with asanas or postures. This combination can enhance your overall experience and deepen your mind and body connection. Some styles of yoga emphasize this connection, which can give you a sense of harmony and balance. 

How can I incorporate pranayama into my daily yoga routine?

There are several ways you can incorporate pranayama into your daily yoga routine.

First, you can start with beginning and ending your practice with pranayama. Start your yoga session with simple breathing exercises; think diaphragmatic or alternate nostril breathing. Then, complete your session with another exercise before you enter savasana.

You can integrate pranayama into your poses. During practice, focus on holding a steady, rhythmic breath and synchronize your movements. For example, raise your arms over your head as you inhale and exhale as you forward fold.

Next, you can dedicate a specific time for your pranayama practice. Try it in the morning to energize and focus your mind or before bed to unwind and relax.

Lastly, you can attend pranayama classes or workshops like those offered in the ten online courses we recommend below.

The 10 Best Pranayama Courses Online

Let’s dig into the ten best pranayama courses you can find online.

1. Pranayama Certification by My Vinyasa Practice

Master the art of breathwork with My Vinyasa Practice’s Pranayama Certification. This course will teach you to understand breath control and spark positive change. As you learn pranayama techniques, you’ll discover your inner peace and boost your vitality. You will teach your students to reduce stress, enhance mental clarity, improve respiratory health, and achieve balance. 

Pranayama is transformative. You will discover benefits for your mind, physical body, and emotional well-being by harnessing your breath.

So, what are these benefits?

  1. Enhanced breathing: these techniques will elevate your oxygen intake, expand your lung capacity, improve your respiratory function, strengthen your immune system, and even boost your energy levels!
  2. Stress relief: mindful breathing will soothe your mind and reduce your anxiety and stress. Pranayama fosters your self-awareness and your emotional management. 
  3. Spiritual exploration: dive into the spiritual facets of pranayama to awaken your inner essence and better understand who you are in the world.
  4. Heightened focus: adding breathing techniques into your daily routine will empower you and nurture mindfulness, harmony, focus, and concentration.

This course is broken into three parts. The first is Balancing the Mind and Body with Pranayama. Here, you will learn the anatomy of the breath, the yoga sutras, the nervous system, Ayurveda, and Neurotransmitters. 

The second part is Awakening Spiritual Potential through Pranayama, where you will dive into the energetic principles, subtle bodies, the Panchamaya Kosha System, advanced practices, and self-regulation. 

Lastly, the third part is the Benefits of Pranayama for Students and Clients. You will learn tools for emotional well-being, enhanced self-awareness, assessing clients, Asanas, preparatory practices, and teaching ratios.

As you can see, this is a well-rounded course that will teach the practice of Pranayama and how to apply it to yourself and your clients. 

Key facts:

  1. Prerequisites: N/A
  2. Format: Online
  3. Hours of study: 20 hours
  4. Duration: At your own pace
  5. Price: One-time payment of $420 or 2 payments of $210
  6. Certification/Accreditation: Yoga Alliance


  1. Yoga Alliance Reviews: 4.79 stars, 3795 reviews
  2. Google Reviews: 4.9 stars, 277 reviews

2. Classical Pranayama & Yogic Meditation Course by Yoga Bliss

Reach a more balanced state with Yoga Bliss’s Classical Pranayama & Meditation Course, which will equip you with essential tools to build daily practice. Taught by experienced practitioners, the course will take you through foundational principles and practical applications. With this knowledge, you can share your journey and lead others through theirs. 

So who is this course for? It’s for anyone who wants to learn traditional techniques, those who believe in the power of prana, and those who wish to integrate pranayama and meditation into their daily life. Does that sound like you?

In this 20-hour course, you will:

  1. Master your breath: understand breath waves and cultivate awareness. Learn the anatomy of the breath and diaphragmatic techniques. This will lay a strong foundation for your practice.
  2. Pose integration: blend asanas with pranayama and meditation to deepen your practice by uniting your body and breath.
  3. Purification techniques: Dive into kriyas and purification methods to prepare your body for advanced breath control and meditations.
  4. Explore meditation: learn various practices to guide you to inner calmness and self-awareness.
  5. Advanced techniques: explore energy locks and the importance of ratios.
  6. Daily practice development: establish a daily practice

This course will give you a solid foundation to prepare you for their Level 2 course. 

Key facts:

  1. Prerequisites: N/A
  2. Format: Online
  3. Hours of study: 20 hours
  4. Duration: At your own pace
  5. Price: $227
  6. Certification/Accreditation: Yoga Alliance


  1. Yoga Alliance Reviews: 4.93 stars, 69 reviews
  2. Google Reviews: N/A

3. 80-Hour Online Hatha and Pranayama Training by Akasha Yoga Academy

Transform your practice, deepen your purpose, and discover the missing piece with Akasha Yoga Academy’s 80-hour Online Hatha and Pranayama Training. This program combines the practices of Hatha yoga and Pranayama to give you a deep exploration of breath with the energetic aspects of yoga. This is a holistic approach to inner harmony and connection.

In this course, you will:

  1. Cultivate self-awareness through a heart-centered approach to compassion and a connection between yourself and the world
  2. Dive head first into Hatha and Pranayama: explore postures, breath control, and techniques to expand your energy.
  3. Study at your own pace anywhere with experienced teachers. 

You know that your breath is significant in your yoga practice. This course will help you develop mindfulness, master breath control, and learn various pranayama techniques. These techniques include Ujjayi breath, Kapalabhti, and energy locks called Bandhas.

With this program, you will embark on self-discovery and learning, equipping yourself to share your practice with authenticity and compassion.

Key facts:

  1. Prerequisites: N/A
  2. Format: Online
  3. Hours of study: 80 hours
  4. Duration: At your own pace
  5. Price: $600
  6. Certification/Accreditation: Yoga Alliance


  1. Yoga Alliance Reviews: 4.93 stars, 227 reviews
  2. Google Reviews: 4.9 stars, 102 reviews

4. Breathwork and Pranayama Teacher Training by Siddhi Yoga

Study under Satyam Tiwari, Master of Pranayama, Mindfulness, Meditation, Yoga Philosophy, and Mantras in this 50-hour Breathwork and Pranayama Teacher Training at Siddhi Yoga. This program is a comprehensive curriculum for understanding and combining breathwork and pranayama with ancient and modern teaching methods. 

You will have access to over 100 videos and a curated training manual to work through at your own pace. This course will allow you to explore your personal growth and self-improvement. You will learn to harness the power of your breath to reduce your stress, navigate your emotions, and cultivate mindfulness.

There are ten course modules. In order, you will work through:

  1. Traditional Pranayama
  2. Aligning Body, Mind, and Breath
  3. The Scientific Aspect of Breath
  4. Breath and Emotions
  5. Preparing for Pranayama and Breathwork
  6. Foundational Breathwork
  7. Classical Pranayama
  8. Secondary Breathworks
  9. Pranayama and Breathwork Teaching Applications & Concepts
  10. Disorders, Conditions, and Breathwork Application

So who is this course for? It’s for anyone interested in personal growth, self-improvement, and professional development. You will connect to a larger community and get a sense of purpose and fulfillment. 

Key facts:

  1. Prerequisites: N/A
  2. Format: Online
  3. Hours of study: 50 hours
  4. Duration: At your own pace
  5. Price: One-time payment of $309 or 3 monthly payments of $103
  6. Certification/Accreditation: Yoga Alliance


  1. Yoga Alliance Reviews: 4.81 stars, 419 reviews
  2. Google Reviews: N/A

5. Pranayama Teacher Training and Breathwork Certification by Online Yoga School

Dive into ancient wisdom, Pranayama, and the modern science of breathwork in this 50-hour Pranayama Teacher Training and Breathwork Certification through the Online Yoga School. This program will give you the knowledge and skills necessary to work safely and effectively. 

This course blends ancient wisdom with scientific research on breathwork. Learn how pranayama practices influence your inner energy pathways and locks. 

When you enroll, you’ll get access to: 

  1. 32 Pranayama practice videos 
  2. 75+ page training manual
  3. Pranayama Practice Manual with detailed written instructions
  4. An exclusive yoga directory

This certification is open to all and welcomes people from all backgrounds. You do not need to be a yoga teacher to complete this course. The Online Yoga School offers a free guide to this teacher training to answer your questions.

Key facts:

  1. Prerequisites: N/A
  2. Format: Online
  3. Hours of study: 50 hours
  4. Duration: At your own pace
  5. Price: $199 one-time payment or two $105 payments
  6. Certification/Accreditation: Yoga Alliance


  1. Yoga Alliance Reviews: 4.81 stars, 4968 reviews
  2. Google Reviews: N/A

6. Pranayama, Mantra & Mudras by Happy Jack Yoga University

Happy Jack Yoga University’s Pranayama, Mantra, and Mudra 25-hour online class will give you the confidence to prepare and deliver teachings for others in these three topics. This course is for you if you want to create a consistent practice, gain insights into these three topics, and cultivate the confidence to share these with others. 

The program consists of a course introduction and five modules:

  1. Pranayama
  2. Mantra
  3. Mudras
  4. How to Teach
  5. Time to Teach

If you want to complete the training in five days, here’s your typical day. Begin with a one-hour morning self-practice pre-recorded video, an hour of Live Sharing Circle, 1.5 hours of curriculum lectures, and one hour of self-study and practice. End your day with an evening meditation. 

This course is a part of the more extensive 300-hour Teacher Training curriculum. 

Key facts:

  1. Prerequisites: N/A
  2. Format: Online
  3. Hours of study: 25 hours
  4. Duration: At your own pace
  5. Price: $225
  6. Certification/Accreditation: Yoga Alliance


  1. Yoga Alliance Reviews: 
  2. Google Reviews: 

7. The Subtle Body, Breathwork, Pranayama & Meditation by The Peaceful Warriors

Dive into the Subtle Body, Breathwork, Pranayama, and Meditation in this 20-hour course with The Peaceful Warriors. This training is a part of the more extensive 200-hour Teacher Training curriculum, but you can also complete it as a stand-alone course. 

The goal is to inspire you to look deeper into the human body and mind. Look beyond the physical/tangible body and understand the subtle, energetic mind and consciousness. You will learn how your breath connects to your physical body, nervous system, and mind. 

You will learn how to use your breath to:

  1. Change how you feel
  2. How to apply your breath to improve performance
  3. Stimulate or calm your mind
  4. Improve your sleep
  5. Reduce stress

When you sign up, you can access five pranayama tutorials, various masterclasses, six guided meditations, and two sound healing sessions. This course is entirely self-paced and 100% online.

Key facts:

  1. Prerequisites: N/A
  2. Format: Online
  3. Hours of study: 20 hours
  4. Duration: At your own pace
  5. Price: $150
  6. Certification/Accreditation: Yoga Alliance


  1. Yoga Alliance Reviews: 4.87 stars, 106 reviews
  2. Google Reviews: 5 stars, 217 reviews
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8. Breathwork & Pranayama Teacher Training by Arhanta Yoga

Become a certified Breathwork and Pranayama teacher in this 50-hour course through Arhanta Yoga. It is led by Ram Jain, who has 23 years of teaching experience and has been practicing yoga since he was eight. He is the author of “Hatha Yoga for Teachers & Practitioners. 

You will learn:

  1. How to practice breathwork and pranayama
  2. How to teach and methodology 
  3. How to set up and structure your class
  4. Explore anatomy, neuroscience, and safety guidelines
  5. Different types of breathwork and pranayama

This course is for you if you want in-depth training, want to deepen your knowledge, and value a dedicated peer community. You should dedicate at least six hours of study per week. 

Once you’ve signed up, you can access on-demand videos, class recordings, printable notes, and group discussions. You will get unlimited support, quizzes, and practical assignments. 

Key facts:

  1. Prerequisites: N/A
  2. Format: Online
  3. Hours of study: 50 hours
  4. Duration: At your own pace
  5. Price: €465 for one month access or €550 for lifetime access
  6. Certification/Accreditation: Yoga Alliance


  1. Yoga Alliance Reviews: 4.62 stars, 200 reviews
  2. Google Reviews: 5 stars, 6 reviews

9. Pranayama Online Course by Mark Stephens Yoga

Demystify the history of Pranayama and align with your yoga intentions in this three-week Pranayama course through Mark Stephens Yoga. After completing this certification, not only will you be able to provide your students with clear guidance, but you’ll gain a deeper understanding of anatomy and physiology. 

This course will teach you the application of Pranayama, how to integrate breathwork into your life and teachings and give you the confidence to teach transformational classes.

There are five topics in the curriculum that you’ll explore: 

  1. The discovery of Prana and the development of Pranayama
  2. Scientific understanding of your breath and breathing
  3. Preparatory practices
  4. Practicing the techniques
  5. Develop a personal practice 

This class is entirely online and can be completed at your own pace. Alternatively, you can take three live sessions as part of this training.

Key facts:

  1. Prerequisites: N/A
  2. Format: Online
  3. Hours of study: 17 hours
  4. Duration: At your own pace
  5. Price: $299
  6. Certification/Accreditation: Yoga Alliance


  1. Yoga Alliance Reviews: 4.84 stars, 196 reviews
  2. Google Reviews: 4.3 stars, 12 reviews

10. Pranayama by Sounds True

Unfold the secret breath with Richard Freeman in this Pranayama course presented by Sounds True. In this course, you will unlock advanced meditation techniques and consciously release your life energy for true yoga and ultimate freedom.

Pranayama is a profound art, and the word translates to “release life energy from its bounds.” When performed correctly, you will learn to quiet the mind, heighten receptivity, and be open to the intrinsic radiance of being. 

When you sign up for this course, you will receive:

  1. Six video learning sessions
  2. A month-by-month practice plan
  3. Supplemental resources
  4. Complete downloads of course materials

Led by Richard Freeman, a respected Ashtanga yoga instructor, in six sessions, you will explore:

  1. The history and principles of Pranayama.
  2. Opening your internal channels of flow and awareness.
  3. The power of Pranayama to soothe and revitalize the mind.
  4. How to bridge asanas and internal facets
  5. Demonstrations with specific guidance
  6. How Pranayama awakens and strengthens your body’s intelligence.

Key facts:

  1. Prerequisites: Yoga experience
  2. Format: Online
  3. Hours of study: 7.5 hours (Six 75 minute sessions)
  4. Duration: 6 months
  5. Price: $137
  6. Certification/Accreditation: N/A


  1. Yoga Alliance Reviews: N/A
  2. Google Reviews: N/A

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any precautions or contraindications for practicing pranayama?

As with any new practice, being aware of precautions and contraindications is crucial. Pranayama practice is generally safe; however, please consider the following: 

  1. Consider consulting your healthcare provider before starting a new pranayama practice, especially if you have any pre-existing medical conditions. Examples include high blood pressure, heart disease, or respiratory issues.
  2. Some techniques may not be suitable for those who are pregnant, especially techniques that involve breath retention or forceful exhalations. Unsure? Consult a qualified prenatal yoga instructor or healthcare professional before practicing pranayama during pregnancy.
  3. Immediately stop if you experience dizziness, lightheadedness, or discomfort while practicing pranayama. Return to your regular breathing pattern.
  4. As with any new practice, progress gradually, and don’t push yourself too hard. Start with the more straightforward pranayama techniques, then build your practice slowly. Pay attention to your body’s signals and adjust your practice as needed.

How do I know if I am practicing pranayama correctly?

It can be challenging to know if you are practicing correctly, so consider the following:

  1. Study under a qualified instructor through classes, workshops, or private sessions.  A qualified instructor can guide you through the proper technique and provide feedback.
  2. Focus on your breath. Keep your attention on each inhale and exhale. Observe any subtle changes in your breath, which will help maintain the proper technique and prevent strain or discomfort.
  3. Listen to your body. If at any point you feel discomfort, stop. Consult with your instructor or healthcare provider to determine the appropriate technique.
  4. Be consistent. Regular practice is essential for mastering the techniques and experiencing the full benefits. Aim to practice daily! You want to develop consistency and build your skills over time.

Can pranayama be practiced independently of other yoga practices, or should it always be combined with asanas (postures)?

Pranayama is a great standalone practice, and while often paired with asanas, it’s not mandatory. Many traditional yoga texts emphasize the importance of a separate spiritual growth and self-realization practice.

By practicing alone, you can dedicate your full attention to your breath, giving you a deeper understanding of the techniques without distraction. This is great if you are seeking to improve your mental and emotional well-being. 

While great alone, it can also be beneficial to combine it with your postures. They are complementary and can deepen the connection between your mind and body. 


Your breath is a powerful tool, and manipulating your inhales and exhales benefits you physically, mentally, and emotionally. By understanding and incorporating these techniques into your daily routine, you can experience greater well-being. 

Be mindful of the precautions and contraindications, and as with any new practice, consult with your healthcare provider before starting. Pranayama is a valuable addition to your practice, granting you greater connection, balance, and inner peace.

Jennifer Triplett is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200) with the Yoga Alliance. She is also a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Pilates mat instructor. In her free time, she is a freelance writer and run coach. Jennifer is the owner of Trillium Virtual Yoga, an online yoga and Pilates studio and currently teaches both online and in person in Dallas, Texas.


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