The Best 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Online


ith yoga being one of the most popular forms of exercise globally, now is a great time to either get certified or continue your training. Becoming a yoga instructor takes time and commitment. That’s why online yoga schools are a great way to work anytime and go at your own pace. You can now receive your 500-level certification conveniently online to deepen your practice and further develop your role as a teacher.

The Best Online Yoga Teaching Training Certifications

  1. Brett Larkin Yoga Uplifted
  2. My Vinyasa Practice
  3. Yoga Farm Ithaca
  4. Yoga Renew

With so many options online, it’s hard to know where you should put your time and money.

This article will give you a better understanding of the online institutions providing this training and help you decide which one best suits your personality and budge

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What does 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Certified mean?

A 500-hour yoga teacher certification is the highest standard for yoga instructors. Yoga teacher training programs are classified by the number of hours a student spends studying the art and science of yoga. Once you’ve completed your training, you will need to register with Yoga Alliance, the international organization that sets the guidelines for yoga teacher training.

The number of hours you’ve completed determines how you will register with Yoga Alliance. Typically, you can start with a 200-hour course (ryt 200 yoga alliance) and later complete a 300-hour course, allowing you to register as a 500-hour certified yoga instructor.

However, some online yoga schools offer both the 200-hour and the 300-hour yoga teacher training online at a discounted rate. So, if you are looking to bust out a 500-hour yoga teacher training, you might want to consider that route.

If you’ve already done your 200-hour training and are looking to advance your practice, you can start your 300-hour yoga teacher training (YTT). Once completed, this will give you a total of 500 hours of training and allow you to register as a 500-hour yoga instructor with Yoga Alliance.

The 500-hour YTT will give you higher education in yoga with advanced training.

When completed with this training, you will have received in-depth knowledge of

    • Yoga Asanas
    • Yoga Philosophy
    • History of Yoga
    • The business side of yoga/how to succeed as a yoga instructor

There are so many options out there for earning your certification. Many yoga studios offer training to students; however, if you’re looking for something more convenient and flexible, online courses are the way to go.

What’s the best 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Online?

With so many courses online, it’s possible to earn your yoga certification without having to commit to the in-person time and presence to obtain your yoga teacher certification. The best online course to get certified in a 500-hour yoga teacher training is Uplifted Yoga By Brett Larkin.

This program is very in-depth and well constructed, giving students the best opportunity to excel in their yoga journey and become better yoga practitioners and teachers.

We’ll get into more details about this fantastic course below and a few other options that you can choose from to get the best online YTT experience.

The Best 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Online

When you decide to go on your yoga training journey, picking the right program can be difficult. If you’re considering starting your yoga teaching career or continuing your education, you can enroll in any of the classes mentioned in this guide.

The best online yoga teaching programs should be approved by Yoga Alliance and offer a comprehensive study of the history, philosophy, asanas (yoga postures), and how to develop the best business skills to excel.

The most important step to picking out your training program is to make sure they are registered with Yoga Alliance, which keeps track of registered yoga teachers (RYT) and registered yoga schools (RYSs). All the programs discussed in this article are registered and approved by Yoga Alliance.

To help you confidently choose an online yoga teacher training program, here are the best online training programs you can choose to gain valuable experience and excel on your yoga teaching journey.

1. Brett Larkin Yoga Uplifted

As mentioned above, Brett Larkin Yoga Uplifted is number one on the top online training program list. Brett Larkin has been practicing yoga for the last 15 years and has been focusing on creating online yoga training since 2015. Brett’s focus is on offering a highly interactive yoga certification experience while offering online education.

The 300/500-Hour YTT offered combines master’s-level yoga training, business coaching, and a high-end mastermind. This course will advance your yoga instructing skills and help you become a better businessperson. It is tough to find a training program that offers both high-quality yoga training and business training. With Uplifted, you get both.

(Want to know everything about this yoga program? Check out this Brett Larkin yoga review.)

What Does This Training Include?

    • In-depth education on the Chakras, sequencing, meditation, brain anatomy, chanting practice, and Tantric Samkhya philosophy
    • Mindset, money, and mantra training
    • Anatomy, safe yoga sequencing, language, injury management, and myofascial release techniques, personal brand, and couching on website copy, email copy, and giveaways
    • “Done-for-You” sequences, lesson plans, and talking points, sacred circle outlines, yoga affirmations, and creating a signature offering

You will also receive live call experiences, award-winning video content, and a 600-page manual. You will have lifetime access to these materials and resources.

How Long Will This Program Take to Complete?

The program can take anywhere from four to six months to complete.

How Much Does it Cost?

This program costs $3,339 and you will have full access to all the training content immediately. If you pay in full you will save $135.

What Will You Gain from This Program?

If you want an in-depth yoga program that will teach you everything you need to know, from teaching to setting up your business, Uplifted Yoga is the way to go. This program stands out for how many resources and materials are offered. So if you’re looking for a course that will fully prepare your yoga teaching career, this investment will be well worth it.

2. My Vinyasa Practice

My Vinyasa Practice is an excellent online yoga school developed by Michelle Young. She teaches public classes in Austin, Texas, and has been practicing yoga since 2004 in Kuwait. She holds an M.Ed in Curriculum Development and is a certified C-IAYT Yoga Therapist.

The 500-hour yoga teaching program at My Vinyasa Practice is accessible and affordable. Their 500-hour training course is a combination of their 200 and 300-hour certification programs.

What Does This Training Include?

How Long Will This Program Take to Complete?
This is a self-paced online course. You can start and finish the training in your own time.

How Much Does It Cost?
This program costs $1,680, and if you pay in full you can get 50% off. You can also make four payments of $210/month.

What Will You Gain From This Program?

This program will provide you with authentic yoga teaching training and is excellent if you want to combine both 200 hours and 300-hour programs. You will also have the option to learn about additional topics such as Yoga for Recovery or Yoga for Anxiety.

With this program, you will be ready to teach at studios, gyms, and retreats. So, if you’re looking for a personalized course that is affordable and completely self-paced, a certification from My Vinyasa Practice is the way to go.

3. Yoga Farm Ithaca

The yoga teacher training program with Yoga Farm Ithaca will leave you feeling empowered and transformed. This course helps students expand their yoga teaching skills, and teaches practical, relatable, and authentic ways to excel on the yoga journey.

The program is run by five masterful women educators who bring together the sciences of Kundalini yoga, Ayurveda, Lunar cycles, and the Enneagram. This is a 300-hour teacher training program that you can add on top of your existing 200-hour certification.

This is an excellent course for those who are more interested in the spiritual side of yoga. You will dive into the feminine power of yoga by learning about Kundalini and the Lundar cycle.

What Does This Training Include?

How Long Will This Program Take to Complete?
The program is a two-semester course that can take about three months to complete.

How Much Does it Cost?
You can register for early-bird tuition for $2,499 if you pay in full through October 1, 2021. Regular tuition is $2,999. You can also enroll in a payment plan for $333/month for nine months or $549/month for five months.

What Will You Gain from This Program?

If you decide to enroll in this yoga teacher training program, you will have a committed team and community to support and guide you throughout the course. This is great if you want to achieve personal transformation and practical teaching methodologies.

You will finish this course with a more in-depth knowledge of the mysterious kundalini energy and power and will be able to implement it into your classes and sequencing.

(Not sure about this program? Check out this Yoga Farm Ithaca Review to put all your worries at ease!)

4. YogaRenew

YogaRenew offers a 500-hour course that will give you a strong foundation for your career as a yoga instructor. You will receive an enriching practice and understanding of yoga through readings, videos, workbooks, lectures, and handouts.

This course will give you the confidence necessary to continue your yoga journey and become a better teacher. Their online program is accessible and affordable for students worldwide.

What Does This Training Include?

How Long Will This Program Take to Complete?
This is a self-paced online course with a lifetime of access.

How Much Does it Cost?
For this program, you can make six monthly payments of $165/month or pay $900 in full.

What Will You Gain from This Program?

With this program, you will gain lifetime access to all the resources provided in this course. You will also have a knowledgeable and passionate team by your side to give you the best support during your training.

You can’t go wrong with any of the programs above, but hopefully, this helped narrow your options. It will all come down to what you find valuable and your budget.

What can I do with a 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification?

Yoga teacher training will transform your life and get you on your way to sharing your practice with others. Your role as a teacher is to lead a class to perform the yoga poses safely with great precision and nourish their mind and bodies by being present, positive, and receptive.

This takes a lot of skill, experience, and practice.

Just like a medical doctor earns a degree to practice medicine, a yoga teacher must earn a certificate to show completion of an intensive yoga program. The Yoga Alliance is the entity that keeps track of registered yoga teachers (RYT) and registered yoga schools (RYSs).

With a 500-hour yoga teacher certification, you will receive advanced training to develop your technique and mastery as a yoga instructor. You will become more knowledgeable, competent, and confident with a more profound training program. 

By delving deeper into your craft, you will expand your opportunities as a yoga instructor. You will have more options to land jobs at studios, gyms, and retreats. With the 500-hour course, you will also better understand how to start your own business as a yoga instructor. You may even want to delve into creating your online classes.

Here is a list of jobs you can take on as a yoga instructor and build your income:

    • Teach at a yoga studio
    • Teach at a gym or fitness center
    • Teach at a hotel or resort
    • Teach at yoga retreats in different countries
    • Start your own yoga retreat
    • Teach at senior centers or community centers
    • Hold yoga pop-ups
    • Offer yoga workshops
    • Offer yoga lessons to corporate groups
    • Instruct a yoga class at a local school or college
    • Write for yoga publications
    • Write yoga e-books or blogs
    • Create your own yoga training program
    • Offer private lessons
    • Start a yoga Youtube channel
    • Create online courses

Another great reason to get your advanced training in yoga is that you will stand out from other instructors when you decide to pursue jobs and opportunities. When you register as a 500-hour RYT, it will show that your time and commitment to studying the art and science of yoga, and employers will be more confident in you to teach their classes.


Beginning or advancing your yoga teacher training is an exciting and rewarding journey. With so many online options, you now have the opportunity to receive training from anywhere in the world. However, it’s always essential to choose the right program so that you will get the most out of your training.

Yoga teacher training can be pretty expensive, so make sure you’re investing your money in the right place. The schools listed above are a great place to start your research for a yoga school. They are all registered with Yoga Alliance, so that you will be receiving education with an accredited school.

If you decide to go with a school not listed, make sure to check that they are registered with Yoga Alliance.

Caleb Sharbono is a writer, bio-hacker, wellness advocate, and yogi. Caleb, who grew up on a small Montana ranch, joined the Navy at 17 to study cryptology. He later graduated from the US Naval Academy with a Minor in Mandarin, a Bachelor's in General Engineering, and a Major in English Literature. Caleb's interests and career cover diverse industries and disciplines. Caleb lives in San Antonio and is a Certified Yoga Instructor. He is also studying Zen Buddhism, practicing Holistic Psychology, and working towards his 300-hour yoga teacher training.


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