oga sequencing is an art. The order of the poses in your yoga class can tell a story, and depending on the goal or theme of the class, it can also be a journey. Your class sequence can tap into your creativity and expertise as a yoga teacher. But it’s tough!

Sequencing a yoga class can be a difficult task. So, where do you even begin? Let’s discuss the framework of yoga sequencing and then review these five best Vinyasa Sequencing Yoga Teacher Training online:

  1. Yoga Bliss: The Science of Sequencing
  2. The Maze Method: Skill in Action – Advanced Sequencing for Teachers
  3. The Peaceful Warriors: Hatha & Vinyasa Practice & Sequencing Course
  4. Mark Stephens Yoga: Yoga Sequencing Online Course
  5. YogaRenew: Vinyasa Yoga Sequencing Lab

The possibilities are endless, and these courses will equip you with valuable tools for safe and effective practice.

Article Topics

Define Yoga Sequencing

Planning and executing an intelligent sequence takes finesse and creativity. How you sequence your class depends on the style, tradition, and type of yoga you teach. While some types use the same sequence in every class, like Ashtanga and Bikram, many do not.

In the book Yoga Sequencing: Designing Transformative Yoga Classes by Mark Stephens, the five principles to help you plan your sequence are:

  1. Moving from Single to Complex
  2. Moving from Dynamic to Static Exploration or Moving into Stillness
  3. Cultivating Energetic Balance
  4. Integrating the Effects of Action
  5. Cultivating Sustainable Self-Transformation

Utilizing these five principles, you can guide your students through the “vinyasa krama arc.” These steps are:

  1. Initiating the Yogic Progress
  2. Warming the Body
  3. Pathway to the Peak
  4. Peak Exploration
  5. Integration

You can have multiple intensity peaks in your class or have a gradual arc. Typically, the classes end with cooldown poses and savasana.

The Best Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

These teacher training programs are for everyone, including yoga instructors starting their journey to seasoned practitioners. The five programs below will teach you the proper tools and techniques for integrating planar awareness in yoga and movement-based classes. 

Please note that these courses are all continuing education classes and that you likely must have completed a 200-hour teacher training to teach yoga.

Are you interested in exploring online 200-hour teacher training? Check out our recommendations!

1. The Science of Sequencing by Yoga Bliss

Yoga Bliss Lembongan began in April 2016, intending to bring yoga to everyone. They offer both online and in-person yoga classes and teacher training. 6% of the income generated from the 200 and 300-hour training courses is invested into the community. 

Yoga Bliss dives into the Science of Sequencing with purpose, intelligence, and harmony. Their 25-hour course educates you on building an intelligent sequence. 

Led by Lisa Chamberlain and inspired by feeling unprepared after her first 200-hour teacher training, this program helps you discover “Wise Progression,” learn the general arc of class structure, and tap into your creativity for class inspiration. You will also learn how to accommodate your teaching to the students in your class and explore the Theory of Transformation. 

Key facts:

  1. Prerequisites: 200-hour certification preferred
  2. Format: Online
  3. Hours of study: 25 hours
  4. Duration: Self-paced
  5. Price: $227
  6. Certification/Accreditation: Yoga Alliance


Yoga Alliance Reviews: 4.41 stars, 22 reviews

Google Reviews: N/A

2. Advanced Sequencing for Teachers by The Mazé Method

Led by Noah Mazé, this seven-day intensive Advanced Sequencing for Teachers explores sequencing for poses and strategies for instructional/alignment styles of yoga. This program goes deep into yoga poses functional anatomy and broadens your range of teaching. While the course is in real-time, you can rewatch the archived lessons anytime. Each day also includes bonus classes and resources.

The seven-day intensive curriculum is broken down into the following modules:

Day 1

  1. Sequencing Strategies Overview
  2. Full Spectrum Sequencing
  3. Levels of Classes
  4. Alignment vs Vinyasa Yoga Sequencing and Teaching

Day 2

  1. Alignment Methodology
  2. Deconstructing and Reconstructing Poses
  3. Sequencing for Anatomical Body Regions

Day 3

  1. Focus Pose Sequencing vs Peak Pose Sequencing
  2. Sequencing for Handstand
  3. Sequencing for Forearm Balance
  4. Focus Pose: Downward Facing Dog

Day 4

  1. Focus Pose Sequencing: Standing Poses
  2. Focus Pose Sequencing: Basic Backbends
  3. Focus Pose Sequencing: Forward Folds

Day 5

  1. Sequencing for Headstands, 
  2. Sequencing for Shoulderstand
  3. Peak Pose Sequencing for Arm Balances.

Day 6

  1. Sequencing for Backbends, Backbends, Backbends

Day 7

  1. Sequencing for Courses & Class Series
  2. Sequencing for Workshops
  3. Sequencing for Retreats
  4. Sequencing for Beginners/Intro to Yoga
  5. Sequencing for Specialty Groups
  6. Sequencing for Specialty Topics

As you can see, this course is comprehensive in advanced sequencing. While no prior teaching experience is required, at least one year of practice is recommended.

Key facts:

  1. Prerequisites: 1 year of yoga practice recommended
  2. Format: Online
  3. Hours of study: 50 hours
  4. Duration: Self-paced
  5. Price: $695
  6. Certification/Accreditation: Yoga Alliance


Yoga Alliance Reviews: Rating/Quantity

Google Reviews: 5 stars, 468 reviews

3. Hatha & Vinyasa Practice & Sequencing Course by The Peaceful Warriors

The Peaceful Warriors offers an 80-hour Hatha and Vinyasa Practice and Sequencing course that is a part of the more extensive 200-hour pathway. This program is designed to teach you The Peaceful Warriors approach to sequencing based on Vinyasa and Hatha traditions. This module aims to improve your knowledge and understanding of traditional, contemporary, and creative sequencing.

In these 80 hours, you will learn the following eight components:

  1. Holistic Vinyasa and Hatha yoga sequencing
  2. Foundations of intelligent sequencing
  3. Physical mechanics of peak postures, their asana families, and how to deconstruct a peak pose
  4. Incorporating structures such as Sun Salutations: A, B, and C.
  5. Sequencing techniques
  6. Teaching at multiple levels
  7. Teaching ethics and principles
  8. 5 Science-backed tools for your daily practice

The module includes a Vinyasa sequencing masterclass, a Hatha sequencing masterclass, on-demand classes, a sequencing manual, and many sample sequences.

Key facts:

  1. Prerequisites: N/A
  2. Format: Online
  3. Hours of study: 80 hours
  4. Duration: Self-paced
  5. Price: $550
  6. Certification/Accreditation: Yoga Alliance


  1. Yoga Alliance Reviews: 5 stars, 43 reviews
  2. Google Reviews: 5 stars, 72 reviews

4. Yoga Sequencing Online Course by Mark Stephens Yoga

In this 20-hour course led by Mark Stephens, you will learn how to create transformative yoga classes that are both creative and safe. After this course, your sequences will be a combination of:

  1. Yoga philosophy
  2. Style of yoga you are teaching
  3. Biomechanics
  4. Energetic requirements and effects of asana

But most importantly! Your sense of purpose will shine through.

There are six questions in the course that you will explore the answers to: 

  1. What are the essential elements of a complete practice?
  2. How are these elements ideally interwoven to make the practice accessible, sustainable, and transformational?
  3. How does one asana affect another asana?
  4. What are the relationships within and between different asana families (standing asanas, back bends, arm balances, etc.)?
  5. Where and how do pranayama and meditation best fit in for different levels and styles of yoga?
  6. What are the best ways to design classes for a lifetime of yoga?

The course contains 10.5 hours of video lecture, 6.5 hours of group discussion, and 3 hours of guided practice with Mark.

Want to know more? Check out Mark’s book on sequencing mentioned above! 

Key facts:

  1. Prerequisites: N/A
  2. Format: Online
  3. Hours of study: 20 hours
  4. Duration: At your own pace
  5. Price: $300
  6. Certification/Accreditation: Yoga Alliance


  1. Yoga Alliance Reviews: 5 stars, 196 reviews
  2. Google Reviews: 4.3 stars, 12 reviews

5. Vinyasa Yoga Sequencing Lab by YogaRenew

Are you tired of wondering if your class was good or helpful to your students? Wonder no more with the Vinyasa Yoga Sequencing Lab at YogaRenew!

Dive into YogaRenew’s step-by-step program for building Vinyasa classes. You will build confidence and consistently teach fun, creative, and intelligent classes. This will develop your following as a yoga teacher.

This course is excellent for:

  1. Recent teacher training grads
  2. Yoga teachers looking to grow/expand their base
  3. A seasoned teacher looking to advance their students

You will learn how to dissect peak poses, choose poses that make sense, flawlessly teach sun salutations, demo, teach different levels, and save time sequencing. 

When you enroll, you’ll get:

  1. Eight interactive video modules
  2. YogaRenew’s Vinyasa Pose Framework with a step-by-step blueprint
  3. Your Sequence Library
  4. PDF Guide Workbook
  5. Tips and stories for success

Key facts:

  1. Prerequisites: N/A
  2. Format: Online
  3. Duration: At your own pace
  4. Price: $149
  5. Certification/Accreditation: Yoga Alliance


  1. Yoga Alliance Reviews: 5 stars, 3070 reviews
  2. Google Reviews: 5 stars, 438 reviews

Questions from our Readers

What are the benefits of taking sequencing teacher training?

Sequencing a yoga class can be a daunting task. Maybe you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro stuck in a rut. A sequencing yoga teacher training could be the perfect step to inspire you!

How do I know which training is best for me?

It depends on what your goals are! The courses vary in hourly commitment and price. Some are more structured, and others less so. It’s up to you to decide.

Why is sequencing important?

Sequences tell a story. Your sequence will hook your students and progress them through a theme or goal. Consistently having interesting sequences will keep your students coming back to your classes.

I know how to sequence. Will I benefit from any of these courses?

Definitely! These courses will introduce you to new processes for building classes and inspire you and your creativity.

Why take online teacher training?

You’ll have access to all the course materials for life and, most importantly! You can take these courses at your own pace! Busy schedule? That’s ok! Complete each of these courses on your schedule.


Sequencing determines the experience of the yoga class. Not just for the students but for you as a teacher, too! Sequencing training can help create an engaging, inspired class. These courses help you tap into your creativity and refresh your current skills. An intelligent sequence can focus on a theme, an objective, or a peak pose, making your classes enjoyable for everyone involved. Completing any of these training courses can elevate your offerings to keep your students engaged!

Jennifer Triplett is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200) with the Yoga Alliance. She is also a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Pilates mat instructor. In her free time, she is a freelance writer and run coach. Jennifer is the owner of Trillium Virtual Yoga, an online yoga and Pilates studio and currently teaches both online and in person in Dallas, Texas.


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