The 9 Best Yin Yoga Teacher Training Online


in yoga is a unique and specialized practice that is increasingly taught and practiced in the yoga community. The internet offers an impressive array of online opportunities for those wanting to become certified teachers in yin yoga, but what are the best yin yoga courses available online?

This article offers an in-depth review of nine excellent yoga schools that offer highly recommended and first-rate online yin yoga teacher training, including:

  1. Loka Yoga School
  2. Yoga with Kassandra
  3. The Whole Health Project
  4. Akasha Yoga Academy
  5. My Vinyasa Practice
  6. YogaRenew
  7. Yoga Bliss
  8. Siddhi Yoga
  9. Santosha Yoga Institute

The nine resources listed here offer the most thorough yin yoga teacher certifications online and are all Yoga Alliance certified. These online yin yoga teacher trainings are well-researched to provide you with the best learning experience and the highest quality of instruction. We’ve done all the work, so you don’t have to!

Article Topics

How do I become a yin yoga teacher?

Becoming a yin yoga teacher is relatively easy. You are not technically required to be licensed or certified as a yin yoga teacher. However, it is recommended to take a course approved by the Yoga Alliance and to teach in many countries you must first have a yoga teacher training certificate of at least 200 hours. Yoga Alliance is an international organization that upholds specific rules and standards for training for yoga teachers and instructors. Most schools work to become accredited by the Yoga Alliance to give them and their courses credibility so that students can be confident they are receiving the highest level of education.

If you want to become a certified yin yoga teacher, there are certain things to consider:

  1. Do you have a 200-hour yoga teacher training certification?
  2. Are you planning to teach yin yoga to expand your teaching profile?
  3. Are you interested in learning more because you already attend regular in-person or online yin yoga classes, and want to learn more?
  4. Are you a healing professional who wishes to expand your knowledge?
  5. Which is the best online yin yoga training course for you?

As we mentioned, you do not necessarily need a certification to teach yin yoga. However, if you want to lead a high-quality yin yoga class and wish to hold an official title, then a certification through a training course is essential.

Certification ensures that yoga teachers follow specific standards and practices. While there are no laws that forbid teaching yoga without a certification, most professional yoga groups require certification. Certification helps yoga teachers hone their skills through professional guidance. Of course, the first step is knowing what yin yoga is, so read on below!

What is yin yoga used for?

What is Yin? You may have heard of the Chinese concept of Yin and Yang, and you are probably familiar with the black-and-white symbol of Yin and Yang. Yin and Yang are opposites.

Yang is considered active, like the heat of the sun or the energy of daytime. Most yoga practices that are active and strenuous and focus on exercising the muscles would be considered “Yang.”

Yin is considered passive and receptive, like the cool light of the moon and the darkness of night. Yin Yoga embodies these qualities and allows practitioners to experience a more relaxing style, going deeper into long-held stretches while supported by props such as blankets, pillows, and bolsters.

Generally, the primary distinctions of yin yoga are as follows:

  1. Yin yoga focuses on ligaments, joints, and bones. Yang yoga focuses on muscle health, while yin yoga focuses on connective tissues.
  2. Yin yoga is a slow and meditative technique, allowing participants to lean inward and focus on how the mind interacts with the physical sensations of the practice.
  3. Yin yoga holds poses for a longer time.
  4. Yin yoga is designed to have participants learn how to breathe into any discomfort and focus the mind.
  5. A yin yoga class may only offer instruction for 5-8 poses and a few transitional poses within an hour.

Yin yoga is a more modern practice, but it is derived from ancient theories. At its core, yin yoga is based on Chinese philosophies and Taoism. These tenets state that there are predictable paths of energy (Chi) that flow through our bodies, known as “meridians.” By bending and stretching during Yin Yoga, these meridians will “open” new corridors of energy to flow through parts of the body it may not have previously reached.

Some of the benefits of yin yoga include the following:

  1. Strengthens connective tissue
  2. Increases flexibility
  3. Better circulation of blood and body fluids
  4. Reduces anxiety and stress
  5. Suitable for all body types, including those with injury or chronic pain

In general, yin yoga is excellent for those who want to increase flexibility and the health of their joints. Yin yoga also incorporates a lot of meditation. If you are interested in a challenging yet highly meditative form of yoga, yin might be right for you. Yin yoga is not primarily used for muscular exercise. It is focused on stretching to the “intelligent edge” of your flexibility, meaning that you do not push past your body’s threshold, but you do encourage it to move beyond the comfort zone into your growth zone.

Yin yoga is a slow-paced style, so if you have limited time or patience, practicing Yin Yoga may be an additional challenge for you to overcome. Consider all these factors before deciding to practice or teach yin yoga!

The 9 Best Yin Yoga Teacher Training Online

The internet offers a multitude of resources for yin yoga teacher training! The following online schools are the best in terms of what they offer. Each of these courses is certified by Yoga Alliance and comes highly recommended for online yin yoga training.

Each of these courses has similarities and differences in terms of style and structure. Some courses are more free-form, while others are more rigidly structured. Any of these nine courses would be a good choice for anyone interested in online yoga teacher training.

1. Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training by Loka Yoga School

Loka Yoga School offers an excellent online certification course in yin yoga teacher training. Loka Yoga also offers various packages depending on how broad you want your teacher training certification to be. Loka Yoga School’s Online Yin Teacher Training is perfect for all yoga teachers who want to learn how to teach Yin Yoga online or for those wishing to learn the fundamentals and healing qualities of this style of yoga.

Highlights of the program:

What’s included:

Why We Recommend It:

Loka’s yin teacher training is comprehensive. It will equip you with all the knowledge you’ll need on an array of subjects from human anatomy to yin yoga principles to ensure that you can safely and effectively teach students after taking their yin yoga training online. Loka Yoga also personalizes its courses to cater to various participant needs so that you can learn at your own time and pace.

2. 30-Hour Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training by Yoga with Kassandra

Kassandra Reinhardt meticulously crafts Yoga With Kassandra’s 30-hour Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training, designed for aspiring yoga instructors and dedicated practitioners, offering a comprehensive exploration of the yogic world that nurtures the mind, body, and spirit. During this training, you’ll acquire all the necessary skills and insights to share the profound gift of yin yoga with others.

Highlights of the program:

What’s Included:

Why We Recommend It:

Yoga with Kassandra’s Teacher Training stands out for its comprehensive curriculum, empowering participants to become skilled and knowledgeable instructors. The online training is divided into two sections, “Philosophy and Practical Applications” and “Teaching Yin Yoga.” The first section delves into the history, origins, principles, benefits, and energetic aspects of yin yoga. The second section enriches your understanding of asanas, sequencing, theming, communication skills, empathy, and observation. It equips you to become a trusted and competent guide for your students.

Additionally, the personalized guidance from renowned instructor Kassandra Reinhardt and a supportive community create a positive and empowering learning experience.

3. 60-hour Online Trauma-Aware Yin Yoga Teacher Training by The Whole Health Project

The Trauma-Aware Yin Yoga Teacher Training course offered by The Whole Health Project is an educational and transformative experience that provides the tools to deepen your practice and teach Yin Yoga. The course covers various topics, from an introduction to the history and lineage of Yin Yoga to the principles of teaching Yin Yoga classes. You will learn about the 12 meridian pathways, anatomy and fascial trains, and the subtle art of creating and holding a safe space for Yin classes.

Highlights of the program:

What’s Included:

Why We Recommend It:

The Whole Health Project course offers online Yin Yoga classes, meridian-focused yang-style yoga classes, meditation and breathwork practices, and Anatomy and Physiology lectures. By the end of the course, you can confidently teach individual Yin Yoga poses and facilitate transformational classes for your students. Plus, you get access to the Bonus Business Module, which helps teachers learn how to attract ideal clients and create a scalable, authentic brand. At the end of the course, you will receive a trauma-informed yoga certification. 

4. 80-Hour Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training by Akasha Yoga Academy

Unlock the profound potential of yoga through the Akasha Yoga Academy‘s 80-hour Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training. This program is rooted in self-inquiry and offers a holistic perspective on yoga education, offering an opportunity to transcend beyond physical practice. It delves into the philosophical depths of Yin Yoga, mindfulness, and self-awareness. With Yoga Alliance certification, graduates gain the respect and validation of the global yoga community, enabling them to lead impactful and transformative yoga sessions.

Highlights of the program:

What’s included:

Why we recommend it:

By enrolling in the Akasha Yoga Academy 80-Hour Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training, you embark on a life-altering journey that transcends the physical aspects of yoga. This holistic approach to yoga education nurtures personal growth and self-awareness, empowering you to become an influential and inspirational yin yoga instructor.

This program prepares you for a transformative journey that deepens your practice and guides you toward becoming a confident and compassionate yin yoga educator. This course offers an incredibly comprehensive training that equips you beyond the usual scope of practice for yin yoga teachers.

5. Yin Yoga Certification by My Vinyasa Practice

My Vinyasa Practice offers its own unique online yin yoga teacher training course. My Vinyasa Practice is an in-person studio located in Austin, Texas. However, they provide many online classes, including a 40-hour yin yoga online teacher training.

Highlights of the program:

What’s Included:

Why We Recommend It:

My Vinyasa Practice is a leader in the field of online training. Their courses are certified by the Yoga Alliance, and their rich experience in sharing online knowledge with yoga enthusiasts worldwide provides comprehensive training you can trust. This Yin Yoga Teacher training is also very reasonably priced and is competitive in terms of course content. Their 24/7 live support offered via chat, email, and phone means you will always be able to reach them to answer questions and receive help if needed.

6. Yin Yoga Teacher Training by YogaRenew

YogaRenew has a unique yin yoga teacher training program emphasizing “a study of stillness.” YogaRenew’s curriculum will deepen your understanding of the critical features of yin yoga and equip you to design transformational and balancing yin yoga classes.

Highlights of the program:

What’s Included:

Why We Recommend It:

Yoga Renew incorporates teaching about the benefits of Yin Yoga during the class and allowing the practice to enrich your daily life. Over 5000 students have taken this course, and the school has a 4.9-star review rating on TrustPilot, which provides confidence in this professional-level online yin yoga training.

7. 30 Hour Online Yin Yoga YTTC by Yoga Bliss

Experience the Yoga Bliss 30-Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training, accredited by Yoga Alliance and led by Lisa Nelson (E-RYT 500 & YACEP), offering a self-paced and fully online learning experience. This course equips students to become confident and knowledgeable teachers, surpassing standard alliance requirements.

Highlights of the program:

What’s included:

Why we recommend it:

Upon completion, you’ll be skilled in guiding students through full Yin Yoga classes, sequencing based on Traditional Chinese Medicine principles, and gaining extensive knowledge of Yin Yoga and more. The training aims to balance Yin and Yang both on and off the mat, providing the benefits of convenience, flexibility, and cost efficiency in online instruction. It was designed to meet students where they are and equip them with the necessary tools to excel in their teaching journey.

8. 50-Hour Yin Yoga TTC by Siddhi Yoga

Siddhi Yoga offers an accessible online teacher training program, which is Yoga Alliance certified and great for beginners! This program is for any individual or student who wishes to deepen their physical and spiritual practice.

The Siddhi Yin yoga online training offers a comprehensive study of the history of Yin Yoga, the meridian system, the five elements and mudras (hand gestures), Yin yoga poses, and 20 specific sequences for you to use. Their course is open to beginners, seasoned practitioners, and teachers.

Highlights of the program:

What’s included:

Why we recommend it:

This program is self-paced, allowing you to work and learn in your own time. You’ll have the benefit of having lifetime access to all the course material for future review, allowing you to fit the training around your schedule. Siddhi Yoga provides life-changing tools beyond asana by delivering quality and value with yoga masters who have trained thousands of yoga teachers worldwide. Their yoga community is broad and supportive, and their live weekly Zoom sessions allow you to connect with teachers and students alike.

9. 50-hour Yin Yoga Online Teacher Training by Santosha Yoga Institute

Santosha Yoga Institute is another great option for online yin yoga teacher training. This school offers a vast breadth of online yoga training, including yin yoga. Their experienced team has trained over 15,000 yoga teachers, so rest assured that you will be learning from the very best. The school’s philosophy is that Santosha offers more than just teacher training, it allows you to expand your personal development and become the best version of yourself!

Highlights of the program:

What’s included:

Why We Recommend It:

The Santosha Yoga Institute provides the best possible balance of online teacher training for yin yoga. Its in-depth approach is also catered to your schedule and can be completed in as little as five days of intensive study, but it has lifetime access so that you can complete it in your own time. The Santosha Yin Yoga Online Training course is not only for yoga teachers but also geared toward bodyworkers, practitioners of Chinese Medicine, and those working in the healing arts.

Questions From Our Readers

Here are some questions that we have received from our readers over time. We will continue to add to this list.

What are the benefits of continuing education credits through Yoga Alliance?

Yoga Alliance courses are the gold standard of the yoga industry. It is a professional international organization that upholds schools and teachers to the highest standard.
Yoga teachers are invited to join Yoga Alliance after completing a 200-hour Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher Training and must finish additional tasks each year to uphold their membership.

Teachers log their hours of teaching and training into their profiles, offering them a platform that accounts for all the hard work they put into their learning and teaching. The platform assists teachers in sharing their professional experiences when applying for jobs or further studies.

Registered Yoga Teachers (RYTs) complete 75 CEUs within three years of registering, including 45 hours of teaching and 30 hours of continuing education online through distance programs like these yin yoga trainings.

Many online teacher training courses offer continuing education credits with Yoga Alliance. Some do not, however. Reputable and registered schools will always share their accreditation through Yoga Alliance.

Why are there often no prerequisites to learning yin yoga?

Many yin yoga teacher training programs do not require participants to have any yoga teacher training. While it may seem peculiar, yin yoga is a practice of yoga that is entirely comprehensive within itself. Yin yoga training always teaches yoga anatomy and physiology as related to yin yoga specifically, including meridian channels and other specific theories. Therefore, you can theoretically teach yin yoga safely even if you don’t have any different yoga teaching experience.

However, teaching yoga will usually require a 200-hour training program at a minimum, and most studios will only allow you to prepare for them after graduating from a more extensive program. Additionally, you will not be affiliated with Yoga Alliance if you haven’t completed a YA-certified 200-hour yoga teacher training, and you may not back-date your CEUs. In other words, if you complete a yin yoga training program first and then do a 200-hour yoga teacher training, you will not be eligible to use the yin yoga training hours as CEUs.

What are the benefits of becoming a yin yoga teacher?

Most yoga teachers start in the field of teaching Hatha or Vinyasa yoga. They begin their teaching careers by teaching studio classes and start to gain experience. As time goes on, teachers often want to expand their knowledge and broaden their horizons.
Not only does teaching yin yoga allow a slower and more meditative teaching style, but it can offer the perfect counterbalance to teaching high-energy yoga classes.

Studios are more likely to hire a teacher who can expand the repertoire of a studio, and the more restorative practice of yin yoga is an excellent class to have on the schedule, diversifying your clientele.

Yin yoga is a highly specialized type of practice, and you may be able to incorporate some yin poses into your regular classes, offering a deep stretch at the end of a vinyasa class or even creating your own “Yin and Yang” class with a combination of active and passive poses. Overall, expanding your knowledge to include other styles of yoga only increases your professional repertoire and gives you an edge over other teachers. You may find that your private clients appreciate the diversity of styles of yoga that you teach, and you can impress them with the knowledge you hold!

You don’t have to be a teacher to take a Yin Teacher Training course, though. You may be a fan of yin yoga and want to learn more to expand your understanding of its benefits. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn about the history of the meridian pathways you’ve heard your teacher discuss in class. Yin yoga training could be a perfect option for you!


Out of all the possible yin yoga teacher training courses offered online, the nine programs listed here are among the very best you can choose from. These programs cater to your specific needs while also offering their unique styles and structures. Any of the nine resources listed here will do wonders for those interested in teaching yin yoga, and all are Yoga Alliance accredited, adhering to the highest standard available.

Each of these nine courses offers its specializations and benefits. Research these programs and find the one that suits your needs. The more you know beforehand, the better choice you will make! Good luck on your journey to becoming certified in yin yoga!

Miranda Murphy Goll has been an E-RYT 200 since 2016 and has taught over a 1,000 hours of vinyasa and hatha yoga. She has professional expertise in yin yoga, prenatal and children's yoga, and has co-lead on several yoga teacher training programs. Miranda has practiced the healing arts since 2002, integrating her work as a reiki master, massage therapist, and breathwork facilitator into her yoga teaching and coaching practices.


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