ou can find online training in almost any subject, including an overwhelming number of online yoga teacher trainings. Aspiring yoga teachers may be searching the web to find options for certification, but with so many available, how do you know what to look for in online teacher training? How do you know which online yoga teacher training is best for you? Which courses will provide the most thorough and respected certification for your money?

The rise of online learning has been growing steadily, especially since the introduction of YouTube. In 2020, the global pandemic inspired brands and industries that offered study and certifications to offer their classes online and to provide highly engaging “digital” delivery of course content that was once only taught by teachers in in-person classes.

Yoga Certifications were no exception to this move into digital learning.  Although there are Pros and Cons to studying any subject remotely, what is evident is that online learning is here to stay! This article will introduce some of the best online yoga teacher training. Here’s a quick peek just below. Each link takes you directly to that “Online Studio,” where you can get more info for summaries, keep reading.

Article Topics

The Online Yoga Planet (OYP) Rating System

Are you tired of the same old biased averages and affiliate-only recommendations in yoga teacher training? Well, a game-changer hit the scene on October 28, 2023. Online Yoga Planet’s custom rating system kicks the usual methods to the curb and uses the Bayesian Probability Method to give you the lowdown on the best programs. No more relying on typical critiques – this system relies on complex numbers, setting a new standard for ratings in yoga training. It’s the only ranking system of its kind, waving goodbye to the pitfalls of regular weighted averages, though it’s not flawless, especially for newer schools with fewer reviews.

The OYP rating system uses weighted averages from Google and Yoga Alliance. It leverages a timeless mathematical formula to calculate simple averages, accounting for the vast differences in the number of reviews per school. All ratings are conferred on a 10-point scale and calculated to 3 decimal places.

Despite its imperfections, this system is fresh air, injecting some much-needed fairness into yoga teacher training evaluations. No more biased nonsense or affiliate favoritism – this is a commitment to bringing you a more honest take on the best programs. So, if you’re tired of the same old same old, this new approach might just be the change you’ve been waiting for in your quest for the perfect yoga teacher training.

Summary of the 20 Best Online Yoga Teacher Training:

Next, we’ll dive into this list of highly esteemed certification courses to help you on your yoga teaching journey. Just stick around and keep reading! We’ll discuss all the information necessary to assist you in finding the Online Yoga Teacher Training that best fits you.

Some of these courses are self-paced, but most require you to stream a portion of the course in real time with your instructors. Each offers an opportunity for you to learn and grow in your practice.  One of the most significant benefits of doing your YTT online is that you can personalize how you know and get certified from the comfort of your home! There are so many advantages to taking this leap in your journey.

Good luck in finding the best program for you! 

What Does the Yoga Alliance Require for a 200-Hour Yoga Certification?

Anyone can call themselves a yoga expert. A passion for yoga does not necessarily equate to being qualified to instruct others in the art and science of yoga. Poorly taught yoga practices can be ineffective or even dangerous for students. Trusting that your yoga instructor is capable and experienced is essential for a healthy and safe yoga practice.

Yoga Alliance is an international nonprofit created in the U.S. in 1997. How does someone demonstrate the competency needed to be an accredited yoga instructor? Who decides if someone is well versed enough, and by what metric do they make this decision?

Yoga Alliance was formed by a group of seasoned yoga practitioners who created an industry standard for evaluating yoga instructors and teaching institutes with quality and consistency standards. Yoga Alliance established principles on which practitioners and schools could gain accreditation to create assurances of quality and experience.

A course curriculum must meet exacting standards to gain Yoga Alliance approval, including comprehensive training on anatomy and physiology, ethics, and safety. These key factors are necessary for a certification course to gain accreditation by Yoga Alliance. Classes are regularly audited for continued quality of service, and guidelines are updated as the world of education and technology evolves.

The most basic yoga teacher training course is a 200-hour program that provides thorough foundations and familiarity with yoga principles and allows you to become a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT). After completing a 200-hour yoga certification, yoga teachers can take a 300-hour certification, giving a teacher 500 hours of expertise. Some yoga institutes teach a combined 500-hour class, which incorporates both requirements.

However, it is essential to note that only some yoga certification courses are approved by the Yoga Alliance. The Yoga Alliance vets its approved courses for quality, consistency, and a solid curriculum that will prepare students to become successful and effective teachers.

Suppose a website boasts an online certification course but does not indicate that it is Yoga Alliance-approved. In that case, the course is likely not recognized by the Yoga Alliance. Look for the Yoga Alliance symbol on the website, and confirm that the school is registered by visiting and searching the Yoga Alliance directory.

Once a student has completed a Yoga Alliance-approved yoga teacher training course, they can register with the Yoga Alliance website to become a fully accredited Yoga Alliance-approved instructor.

Do you have to be Yoga Alliance certified to teach yoga?

The short answer is: no, you do not need to be a Yoga Alliance certified teacher to teach yoga. Yoga is an unregulated practice that allows anybody to teach yoga. It is not illegal or, even in principle, immoral to practice yoga without a certification.

However, almost all reputable and reliable yoga schools, gyms, and fitness centers will require at least a 200-hour yoga certification. It’s also essential for clients to trust their yoga experts and teachers, so the conversation of accreditation will come up often. A teacher without a respected accreditation will likely struggle to obtain and retain students.

A respected accreditation can be essential depending on your goals for becoming a yoga instructor. If you plan to teach in a school, open your practice, or just safely educate your friends and family, knowing you have the highest quality training is vital and will benefit you and your students.

Just how easy is getting your yoga certification online?

As more education becomes digital in this modern era, you may wonder if there is a significant difference between online yoga certification and traditional in-person training. Can online yoga certification students expect the same quality of education, and is there a difference in the challenges presented in your classes?

Yoga Alliance has an established set of standards for online yoga teacher training. One example is that classes must be at least partly synchronous, meaning taught in real-time and with a live instructor, and not solely pre-recorded videos, which don’t allow for conversation and questions.

Because of these quality control standards for online courses, obtaining a yoga certification via online classes through a Yoga Alliance-approved course does not mean getting the certification is more accessible than in a traditional classroom setting.

Students are still expected to engage in tests and assessments, as the course material outlines. They must demonstrate high comfort with the asanas (poses), alignment, meditation, and other topics. Yoga Alliance constantly evolves its standards to fit the digital era without sacrificing quality education and instruction.

The Full List of the 20 Best Online Yoga Teacher Training Certifications

We identified twenty online certification courses as highly rated, quality, and Yoga Alliance-approved. Let’s discuss what they offer and how they may suit your needs to become a certified yoga teacher.

1. Happy Jack Yoga

Happy Jack Yoga offers a highly recommended and unique RYT-200-hour online yoga teacher training program, “The Hero’s Journey,” which they run thrice yearly. You can complete the program in as little as 13 weeks but can also choose to go at your own pace to complete their curriculum. Founded in 2010, they have taught over 100,000 yogis and certified over 600 teachers from 30 different countries across the globe. 

They offer two online yoga alliance certified yoga teacher training options:

  1. RYT-200 hour online yoga teacher training program, “The Hero’s Journey.”
  2. RTT-300-hour online yoga teacher training program “Yoga Mastery.”

Part of their training is unique because it is a Membership-only offering. A monthly membership may suit those on a budget who want to fast-track their graduation as a yoga teacher and graduate from a 200-hour program in just four months. Or, you might want to become a yearly member, which suits many people who wish to attend their RYT-300-hour “Yoga Mastery” online yoga teacher training after graduation from the 200-hour program. It is also for those who prefer to take their time with their learning while benefitting from all the other membership advantages, such as their 25-hour self-study courses. 

Program expectations are that you attend at least one 60-minute live Zoom call per week, scheduled to accommodate international time zones. They also offer a money-back guarantee and a cancel-anytime option. 

Curriculum Includes:

  1. Foundations of Yoga
  2. Practice Teaching
  3. The Wisdom of Yoga
  4. Deep Self-Inquiry
  5. Anatomy Part I & II 
  6. Sanskrit, Mudras, Bandhas, Kriyas & Chakras
  7. Hands-on Assists
  8. Business of Yoga
  9. Final assessment: teaching a sequence

Why we recommend it: 

With personal recommendations from Tony Robbins (number one best-selling author, philanthropist, and life and business strategist) and Billy Beck III (trainer of Tony Robbins and The Rock, and two times winner of the World’s Best Personal Trainer Contest), membership to Happy Jack’s Yoga University offers a guarantee that you will get one of the best online yoga teacher training certifications! Becoming a member gives you access to Happy Jack University’s online platform, including multiple other courses, weekly live coaching, free Zoom yoga classes, and weekly business yoga Q&A calls. 

Key facts:

  1. Course Duration: 4 months – 12 months (or longer if preferred)
  2. Start Dates: fixed, offered three times per year
  3. Cost: Offered through Membership only
  4. Payment Plans: Monthly Membership $195 per month/Yearly Membership $1,995
  5. Certification: RYT 200-Hour Yoga Teacher
  6. Other Online Certifications offered: RYT 300-hour Yoga Teacher/ RYT-25 Business of Yoga
  7. Yoga Alliance Accredited: Yes
  8. OYP Review: 9.79


  1. Google: 5
  2. Yoga Alliance: 4.87 (read more reviews)

2. Movement Wisdom Yoga

Experience the world of mindful movement and self-discovery in this 200-hour Online YTT with Movement Wisdom Yoga by Jess Rose. Jess Rose’s unique approach to yoga seamlessly weaves physical postures, breathwork, and meditation, offering a comprehensive practice that teaches Movement and Wisdom to nurture the mind, body, and spirit.

This course is offered to individuals of all levels, making it accessible to beginners seeking a gentle introduction to yoga and experienced practitioners looking to deepen their practice. If you’ve practiced yoga at any level for six months or more, this course is for you. Let’s explore the key highlights of this program and understand how it can guide participants toward a more balanced and harmonious life. As you will see, this certification offers an enormous breadth of knowledge and will fully equip you as a teacher.

Curriculum Includes:

  1. Teaches four different styles of yoga: Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, and Restorative
  2. Teaches insider secrets to teaching and cueing poses you never thought you could do
  3. Teaches you one insider secret to teaching correct alignment and proper technique
  4. Teaches both Yoga Philosophy and Movement Science
  5. Learn 30 full-length classes designed especially for this course
  6. Learn 100+ poses and confidently teach modifications, including the use of props
  7. Gain mastery of cueing, sequencing, theming, observing, assisting, demonstrating, and using your voice
  8. Learn Yoga Anatomy that is practical, accessible, and fun, based on the latest research.
  9. Learn Yoga Philosophy, giving practical takeaways to bring wisdom into your life and yoga classes.
  10. Learn about the Subtle Body, giving you the tools to understand the body’s energy currents.
  11. Learn to teach meditation and breathwork
  12. Business of Yoga Basics course

Why we recommend it: 

Most yoga programs do not offer teachings on both movement and wisdom to this level. This 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program also teaches four styles of yoga (Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, and Restorative), which gives you an edge as a teacher from the get-go.

The course offers a big bang for your buck, including over $7,000 worth of value for only $945. Jess Rose and her team are so confident you will love and benefit from this course that they offer a 7-day money-back guarantee. They allow you to keep access to all the training content and the ever-growing Q&A video library for a small monthly fee.

By embarking on this Yoga Teacher Training, you will tap into the profound benefits of mindful movement. You will harness your inner strength and wisdom to cultivate a more balanced and conscious way of living, ultimately experiencing positive transformations in your life.

Key Facts:

  1. Course Duration: 4 – 12 months
  2. Start Dates: instant access
  3. Cost: $945
  4. Payment Plans: Pay in Full or Pay-in-3 or Pay-in-6
  5. Certification: RYT 200-Hour Yoga Teacher
  6. Yoga Alliance Accredited: Yes
  7. OYP Review: 9.79


  1. Google: 5
  2. Yoga Alliance: 4.87 (read more reviews)

3. Yoga Farm Ithaca

Yoga Farm Ithaca’s yoga teacher training is an excellent opportunity to learn how to share yoga’s healing benefits with others or study yoga to enhance your practice and connection with yourself.

They offer three online learning options:

  1. The Radiant Warrior200-hour Online Teacher Training Certification course with an emphasis on trauma-informed Vinyasa yoga, Hatha yoga teacher training, and Mindfulness (rolling admission, starts anytime)
  2. The Kundalini Warrior™ 200-hour Online Teacher Training (specific start dates)
  3. The Spiritual Warrior™ 300-hour Online Advanced Yoga Teacher Training (specific start dates)

This 200-hour course can be completed in as few as six weeks but allows students to take as long as they want, with lifetime access to the course. They provide recorded instructional videos, live informational sessions, and instructor “office hours” for students to bring their questions directly to a teacher for real-time advice and guidance.

They offer two options for the RYT-200-hour YTT:

  1. 100% online: a self-paced program with a core curriculum, live office hours, cue rehearsals, and yoga classes throughout the year
  2. OPTIONAL Hybrid: all the benefits of the 100% online program PLUS two weeks in Costa Rica

Yoga Farm Ithaca believes there’s no such thing as just one way of learning, and its programs are built around a tapestry of traditions to help you find inspiration and a strong foundation.

Curriculum Includes:

  1. All major tops in practicing and teaching yoga fulfill Yoga Alliance curriculum standards.
  2. How to teach trauma-informed Vinyasa yoga, Hatha yoga and Mindfulness
  3. Learn to prepare a sequence of 36 common poses
  4. Learn to teach confidently online or in person
  5. Learn to teach five breathwork practices
  6. Learn to teach yoga accessibility and inclusivity to special populations
  7. Learn to teach mindfulness practices in schools as a part of SEL competency

Why we recommend it:

Yoga Farm Ithaca’s instructors have a remarkable amount of experience and passion for what they teach and are all Master-Level instructors. Their trauma-informed yoga training approach will guide you in yoga language and cues to make everyone feel safe and supported in their practice. They offer mentorship and coaching throughout your program so you never feel alone and gain access to a supportive online community.

They are a 501C3 non-profit that believes that yoga and wellness should be a right and not a privilege, and they have guided thousands of students worldwide through their training courses. Over 700 students have given a 5-star rating to their program on the Yoga Alliance website, making this 200-hour certification one of the best online teacher training programs!

Key Facts:

  1. Course Duration: 6 weeks – Lifetime access
  2. Start Dates: Rolling, start any time
  3. Cost: $1,099 (discounts and coupons available)
  4. Payment Plans: $109 a month for six months
  5. Certification: RYT 200-Hour Yoga Teacher
  6. Other Online Certifications offered: RYT 200-hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training/RYT 300-hour Yoga Teacher
  7. Yoga Alliance Accredited: Yes
  8. OYP Review: 9.77


  1. Google: 5
  2. Yoga Alliance: 4.94 (read more reviews)

4. Akasha Yoga Academy

Akasha Yoga Academy offers a fully Yoga Alliance Certified 200-Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training that combines practice, philosophy, and self-awareness with the support of experienced yoga teachers. The course allows students to deepen their practice, discover their purpose, and confidently teach. Taught by senior teachers with decades of experience, you will get an authentic yoga experience with expert guidance.

Learn at your own pace, with a program that can be completed in one month of intensive learning or spread out over 3, 6, 9, or 12 months. Students can choose the learning schedule that suits them and their lifestyle.

Curriculum Includes:

  1. Part I Practice & Theory: asanas, alignment, breathwork, meditation, philosophy and chakras
  2. Part II Anatomy & Posture: advanced poses and pranayama, bandha, applied Yoga anatomy, teaching skills, adjustments and posture study
  3. Part III Yoga Philosophy: scripture study, Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras, purification, yogic diet, sequencing and teaching your 60-minute yoga class
  4. Part IV Practicum & How to Get Started: history of yoga, self-practice, teaching your own 90-minute yoga class, marketing & networking

You have instant access to the course as soon as you sign up, and the course is delivered through daily Zoom calls, allowing students to connect with like-minded individuals, ask questions, and foster lifelong connections. Upon completion, students will have the skills and knowledge to transform their lives, surrender to the moment, live with greater awareness and intention, and enhance their relationships.

Why we recommend it:

We love that you get instant access to live lessons, can get started on your teacher training right away, and can choose from 24 group sessions whenever it fits your schedule. You can complete the course in one month, but Akasha Yoga Academy also offers slower formats such as 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 9 months, and you get experienced guidance every step of the way.

They also offer 15 bonus classes when you sign up, so you can expand your knowledge beyond the online teacher training certification parameters, such as Journey Through the Chakras, Asana Study Flashcards, an Ayurveda Foundation Program, and How to Teach Yoga Online. Total beginners can get started on this online yoga teacher training program immediately, and the only prerequisite is your enthusiasm! With positive reviews all over the net from Yoga Alliance, Google, and Facebook, rest assured that Akasha Yoga Academy provides the best yoga teacher training online.

Key Facts:

  1. Course Duration: 4 weeks full-time, eight weeks part-time, or flexible schedule up to 12 months.
  2. Start Dates: instant access
  3. Cost: $1,700 (check for special offers)
  4. Payment Plans: Pay in Full, 3-month payment plan
  5. Certification: RYT 200-Hour Yoga Teacher
  6. Other Online Certifications Offered: RYT-300 Hour Yoga Teacher, 80 hour Yin Yoga, 80 Hour Meditation, 80 Hour Pranayama
  7. Yoga Alliance Accredited: Yes
  8. OYP Review: 9.77


  1. Google: 4.9
  2. Yoga Alliance: 4.93 (read more reviews)

5. Dristhi Beats

Dristhi Beats has served the yoga, fitness, and wellness industry for over 25 years. Their 200-hour Online Yoga Teacher Training is a Vinyasa Flow teacher training and was filmed in locations worldwide, making it a beautiful visual experience. They boast that it is the most advanced yoga teacher training ever made. 

Their certification program is on a unique Multimodal Learning Platform that provides an immersive experience and leverages cutting-edge technologies. Dristhi Beats believes that students learn better when information is available across different modes, like visual and audio channels, and their focus is to help you graduate with everything you know in their Yoga Teacher Training course encoded into your brain. 

Curriculum Includes:

  1. All content required by the Yoga Alliance online
  2. Yoga terminology
  3. History & Philosophy
  4. An in-depth look at all the poses
  5. Anatomy & Systems of the body
  6. How to sequence a class
  7. The benefits of yoga
  8. Assisting students hands-on
  9. Sanskrit (the language we use in yoga)
  10. Teaching yoga guidelines
  11. The business of yoga
  12. Pranayama, our breath, and the different breaths we use in yoga
  13. Hour-long masterclasses 
  14. Classes in meditation, yin yoga, restorative yoga, sound healing, yoga nidra (sleep yoga), inversions, and so much more
  15. Train in your own space and comfort at your own pace
  16. Consistent communication to ensure your success

Live one-hour classes are offered once a week at two different times of the day so that no matter where you are calling from, there is a time that works for you.

One of the most impressive features of this course is its use of CGI (computer-generated imagery) to teach about the anatomy of the human body and its relation to yoga poses. It includes clear explanations and visuals of the body’s functioning, inside and out, to help students gain a strong foundation in each asana’s anatomy, improve their practice, and ensure your teaching skills are grounded in scientific knowledge.

Why we recommend it: 

This course is a well-thought-out and beautifully executed yoga teacher training online certification, and it will be a pleasure to take online. A lovely inclusive option for students who are deaf or hard of hearing is that transcriptions are generated automatically in real-time, so they can follow along easily with lectures and masterclasses and Gather round recordings. 

This online teacher training uses advanced technology to ensure the highest delivery of materials and information. With five-star Google ratings and 5 star Yoga Alliance reviews, this is undoubtedly one of the best certified online yoga teacher training.

Key Facts:

  1. Course Duration: There is no time restriction, but we prefer you complete it in six months
  2. Start Dates: instant access
  3. Cost: $1,188 (check for special offers)
  4. Payment Plans: Pay in Full, 3 payments of $396, Pay by Module $99 (per Chapter, 12 Chapters total)
  5. Certification: RYT 200-Hour Yoga Teacher
  6. Other Online Certifications Offered: RYT 300-Hour Yoga Teacher
  7. Yoga Alliance Accredited: Yes
  8. OYP Review: 9.76


  1. Google: 5
  2. Yoga Alliance: 4.93 (read more reviews)

6. DoYogaWithMe

Introducing DoYogaWithMe, a comprehensive and transformative 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program. This program stands out from the crowd and will deepen your love and practice of yoga while instilling confidence in your teaching abilities. Created by Rachel Scott (MSci in Instructional Systems and Learning Technology, YACEP, E-RYT 500), an experienced yogi, author, and professional instructional designer specializing in online education, this YTT offers a unique learning experience.

Led by esteemed faculty members David Procyshyn, Fiji McAlpine, Tracey Noseworthy, and Rachel Scott, the program perfectly balances enlightening coursework in philosophy, anatomy, and history and practical skill-building exercises. Graduates emerge well-prepared to embark on their teaching journey. The program’s faculty ensures a high level of interaction, including personalized coaching, providing the best of self-paced flexibility and connection with peers worldwide.

Curriculum includes:

  1. The principles of teaching
  2. Yoga Anatomy: bones and joints, breath, muscles and connective tissues, and each specific body part
  3. Cueing and sequencing
  4. Yoga History & Sutras
  5. Pranayama, Bandhas, Meditation, Mudra, the Subtle Body & the Chakras

Why we recommend it:

In addition to the Yoga Teacher Training program, students can access DoYogaWithMe’s on-demand streaming platform. This phenomenal resource provides over 1,000 yoga classes, 100 guided meditations, programs, challenges, and tutorials. The program can be seamlessly integrated into your daily life and aids in honing your teaching skills as you progress through your 200-hour training. The online program allows for flexible participation, accommodating even the busiest schedules.

DoYogaWithMe has been guiding online yoga for 12 years and teaching Online Yoga Teacher Training for the last five years, so their expertise in online yoga is exceptional.

Key Facts:

  1. Course Duration: 9 months
  2. Access: Lifetime access
  3. Start Dates: check following cohort start dates (3 per year)
  4. Cost: $2,400
  5. Payment Plans: 6-month payment plans ($405 per month)
  6. Certification: RYT 200-Hour Yoga Teacher
  7. Other Online Certifications Offered: Master Practitioner Program/Mental Health 21-day program
  8. Yoga Alliance Accredited: Yes
  9. OYP Review: 9.75


  1. Website: 5
  2. Yoga Alliance: 4.93 (read more reviews)

7. The Peaceful Warriors

The Peaceful Warriors‘ online 200-hour yoga teacher training program provides an inclusive and accessible platform for individuals passionate about sharing the benefits of yoga with others. The program offers a flexible learning schedule, enabling students to manage their studies around other commitments.

Students learn from experienced teachers through live sessions and practice teaching, receiving continuous feedback to improve their skills. Instructors also offer support to help students understand the concepts and to guide them on their journey to becoming competent yoga teachers.

Curriculum includes:

  1. Anatomy & physiology: learn about how the muscles and bones work together within yoga poses to deliver a safe and effective class
  2. Asana alignment & Teaching Lab: learn poses, teaching cues and sequencing for Vinyasa and Hatha yoga, and how to teach different levels of capability
  3. Pranayama & Meditation: learn how to include these techniques into your practice and teaching to enhance your class, reduce stress, and connect deeply within
  4. Philosophy & Lifestyle: learn Patanjali’s “yamas & niyamas,” yoga’s ethical principles and how to bring them into your life and teachings
  5. Teaching different demographics: learn the foundations of teaching special populations such as pre and post-natal, beginners, the aging body, and children.
  6. Business for Yogis: designed to support you in expanding your yoga business

Why we recommend it:

The Peaceful Warrior yoga teacher training online certification offers a modular program, allowing students freedom and flexibility to customize their learning experience. This entirely self-paced program is 100% online and on-demand, accommodating your preferred schedule. Course modules are offered as stand-alone courses, add up to your 200-hour certification over time, and are accredited as CEUs by Yoga Alliance.

Graduates receive the internationally recognized Yoga Alliance certification, qualifying them to teach yoga worldwide. The program’s online format caters to individuals worldwide, making it an ideal option for those seeking comprehensive and globally recognized yoga teacher training. Their 7-day money-back guarantee allows you to purchase this 200 Hour Yoga Teacher training risk-free.

Key Facts:

  1. Course Duration: self-paced
  2. Access: Unlimited lifetime access
  3. Start Dates: immediate access
  4. Cost: $1,200
  5. Payment Plans: 3-monthly payments of $450, 6-monthly payments of $250
  6. Certification: RYT 200-Hour Yoga Teacher
  7. Other Online Certifications Offered: 25-hour Meditation Immersion Training
  8. Yoga Alliance Accredited: Yes
  9. OYP Review: 9.75


8. Soma Yoga Institute

Discover the Soma Yoga Institute‘s exceptional 200-hour Online Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training, where a team of accomplished educators with expertise in their respective fields awaits you. This program’s unwavering dedication to promoting holistic well-being with a therapeutic emphasis truly distinguishes it.

Guided by a world-class faculty of certified C-IAYT Yoga Therapists and seasoned senior instructors with over two decades of experience, this program offers a nurturing environment for those seeking a deeper connection and a top-notch certification.

Curriculum includes:

  1. Proficiency in asana techniques: Pose study and adaptations for all bodies
  2. Mastery in the art of teaching: finding your voice, intentional sequencing
  3. Art of Vinyasa and Flow Yoga
  4. Yin yoga & the biomechanics of stretching
  5. Insight into yoga as a pathway to holistic health and overall well-being
  6. Techniques in pranayama and meditation
  7. Exploration of experiential anatomy and fascia
  8. A deep dive into yoga history, philosophy, and mythology
  9. Practice teaching and personalized feedback
  10. Knowledge of restorative yoga and yoga nidra
  11. Awareness of current research in the field
  12. Understanding of the business aspects of yoga

Their curriculum offers a harmonious blend of practices, encompassing alignment-based vinyasa flow and a strong foundation in hatha yoga, all presented within a therapeutic framework. This unique fusion equips participants with the skills to teach safely and confidently, enabling them to guide their future students toward vibrant health and personal empowerment.

Why we recommend it:

The curriculum offers diverse and rich content, and students will develop their professional credentials in Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Restorative, and Nidra yoga. They promise that you will be able to offer a therapeutic transformation for yourself and others through their teacher training program,

They offer a flexible schedule, with five cohorts each year. You can complete the program in as few as eight weeks and as long as eight months, although you will have lifetime access to all the materials. Soma offers 30 hours of live interactive Zoom calls, scheduled in 12-week sessions of 2.5 hours each, or six immersive days of 5 hours each, every other weekend.

Scholarships allow students to apply based on diversity, partial support, and work trade. They offer a “Happiness Guarantee,” with a generous 14-day money-back policy.

Key Facts:

  1. Course Duration: 8 weeks, 12 weeks, 16 six weeks, six months, eight months
  2. Access: Lifetime access
  3. Start Dates: check following cohort start dates (5 per year)
  4. Cost: $1,497 (check for special offers)
  5. Payment Plans: Yes, email to inquire
  6. Scholarships: Yes, apply here
  7. Certification: 200-Hour Hour Yoga Teacher
  8. Other Online Certifications Offered: RYT 300-Hour Yoga Teacher/RYT 95-Hour Kids Yoga Teacher
  9. Yoga Alliance Accredited: Yes
  10. OYP Review: 9.75


  1. Google: 5
  2. Yoga Alliance: 4.88 (read more reviews)

9. Ananda School of Yoga and Meditation

The Ananda School’s 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Online is rooted in the teachings of revered yogi Paramhansa Yogananda, who brought yoga to the West when he came to America in 1920. Their certification program shares the skills needed to become a vibrant yoga teacher online or in person, but also to help you grow in your understanding of your Self.

This 20-week course is a professional online training course, with approximately 9-12 hours of required work per week in the form of live classes, workshops, and assignments.

While this course teaches in the tradition of Paramhansa Yogananda, participants do not need to have any prior knowledge of this approach to yoga. Once you register for the training, you will receive all the information you need to become familiar in advance of the teacher training.

Curriculum includes:

  1. 31 Hatha Asanas, including an uplifting affirmation for each pose
  2. How to plan a class, sequencing, and accessibility for all bodies
  3. Anatomy & physiology and safety precautions
  4. Subtle energy, what are the chakras and Kundalini
  5. Pranayama & Meditation
  6. Yogananda’s famous Energization Exercises
  7. Yoga philosophy: Patanjali, the Bhagavad Gita, the 8-limbs of yoga
  8. Yoga lifestyle, learning about diet, and “magnetic living.”

Why we recommend it:

This course is a unique and deeply philosophical 200-hour teacher training, specializing in techniques and postures with historical merit and connection to the teacher and enlightened being who introduced yoga to the West. If you are interested in this methodology or the Self Realization Center, this is the best 200-hour teacher training program.

This certification course does have the prerequisite that students hold a regular yoga practice for at least six months before signing up, which guarantees that everyone who joins will be at a similar level of understanding. The Ananda School of Yoga and Meditation offers a generous 14-day money-back policy, so you can get a refund if you change your mind within that time frame.

Key Facts:

  1. Course Duration: 20 weeks
  2. Access: Lifetime
  3. Start Dates: Cohorts, specific dates
  4. Cost: $3,350
  5. Payment Plans:
  6. Certification: RYT 200-Hour Yoga Teacher
  7. Other Online Certifications Offered: Meditation Teacher, Multiple other online courses
  8. Yoga Alliance Accredited: Yes
  9. OYP Review: 9.75


  1. Yoga Alliance: 4.9

10. Zazyoga

If you want to feel supported, grow in your practice, and transform your mental state through yoga, then the self-paced Zazyoga 200-Hour Online Teacher Training will be your best certification choice! If you are looking for a school with inspiring teachers who care deeply about you and your success on an individual level, look no further than Zazyoga. You will receive personalized support throughout your training from teachers committed to your growth as a yoga professional.

Zazyoga offers incredible value for money and provides content that will take your practice to the next level while simultaneously learning the exacting yoga standards you will show your students as a graduate Yoga Teacher. Zazyoga offers an unbelievable amount of bonus content, including a free month of personal coaching after your graduation by the founder of Zazyoga, Marylene Henry. 

Curriculum includes:

  1. 30 Original Morning Practices: you will receive Vinyasa practices, meditations, pranayamas, and kriyas so you can personally master your mind, breath, and body
  2. 30 Asana Labs: you will deconstruct over 70 poses, learning why they benefit the body and how to teach them
  3. In-Depth Yoga History & Philosophy: learn the ancient wisdom of yoga
  4. Functional Anatomy & Physiology: including emotions in fascia, the secrets of flexibility, and the anatomy of breath, you will receive rich teachings in the body
  5. 10 Restorative Yoga Classes: enjoy the benefits of relaxing and replenishing your energy through restorative yoga
  6. 8 Guided Yoga Nidras & Nidra Scripts: feel the benefits of sleep yoga while also receiving step-by-step scripts so you can teach Yoga Nidra upon graduation
  7. Detailed Teaching Skills: cueing, sequencing, and hands-on adjustments
  8. The Chakras: learn about subtle energy and anatomy

Why we recommend it:

This 200-hour online yoga teacher training certification has incredible content and support. The one-on-one coaching calls and post-graduation mentorship are great ways to take your teaching skills and start your new career as a yoga teacher with all the personalized support you could want. 

Students gain access to the course material the moment they sign up and have access to it for one year. You can graduate the course in as little as 30 days or take the entire year to complete your course. This program is a go-at-your-pace program with incredible support to help you achieve your goals. 

Key Facts:

  1. Course Duration: 30 days – 12 months
  2. Access: 1 year
  3. Start Dates: Immediately
  4. Cost: $1,897
  5. Payment Plans: 3, 6, or 12-month payment plans
  6. Certification: RYT 200-Hour Yoga Teacher
  7. Yoga Alliance Accredited: Yes
  8. OYP Review: 9.74


  1. Yoga Alliance: 4.90 (read more reviews)

11. Mark Stephens Yoga

Mark Stephens is best known for his comprehensive book Teaching Yoga, Essential Foundations and Techniques, used internationally in yoga teacher training programs. He has been leading yoga teacher training globally for more than twenty years.

Now, he has his own 200-hour online teacher training, so you can get certified with him no matter where you are. Using the latest interactive technologies and Mark Stephen’s unparalleled teaching experience and techniques, you will receive the best in online teacher training with this certification program. 

The curriculum includes five modules:

  1. Foundations of Practice & Teaching: practical human anatomy, standing asanas, the role of a teacher, essential elements of an asana practice, sounds
  2. Cultivating Stability & Ease: guiding the practice, subtle energy & yoga anatomy, philosophy of the Yoga Sutras, abdominal core practices, hand/arm support asanas, pranayama, mantra, meditation
  3. Cultivating Clarity & Inner Power: insights from the Gita, backbends, twists, tantra.
  4. The Heart of Things: seated & supine forward folds and hip openers, inversions, sun salutations, language, diversity, inclusiveness
  5. For the Love of it All: teaching pregnant students, sequencing, the profession & business of yoga, designing & teaching workshops and retreats

Why we recommend it:

Mark Stephens is a yoga instructor with decades of experience teaching teachers. This training goes far beyond anything you will receive in his highly acclaimed books. You can talk to Mark directly during your training and many of his support staff. 

You will complete each of the five modules within six weeks, so this course is recommended for students who prefer structure, a specific schedule, and study cohorts. This instruction schedule allows for more time to integrate your learning and practice what you have learned as you go. However, there is still flexibility in your learning timeline, as live sessions are recorded for your viewing if you cannot attend in person. 

Key Facts:

  1. Course Duration: 8 months
  2. Access: 1 year
  3. Start Dates: Cohorts, check start dates
  4. Cost: $2500 ($500 discount if you pay in full)
  5. Payment Plans: $500 per module (5 modules)
  6. Buddy Discount: sign up with a friend and receive a discount of $125 (pay in full)  or $25 off per module
  7. Certification: RYT 200-Hour Yoga Teacher
  8. Other Online Certifications Offered: RYT 300 Hour Yoga Teacher, Workshops, Asana Academy Mentoring Program
  9. Yoga Alliance Accredited: Yes
  10. OYP Review: 9.71


  1. Google: 4.3
  2. Yoga Alliance: 4.84 (read more reviews)

12. Yoga Bliss

Yoga Bliss is a Yoga Alliance Accredited school that offers in-person Yoga Teacher training and an online certified 200-hour yoga training, which is not Yoga Alliance accredited. Because this program is 100% online training with no live component, the program is not certified by Yoga Alliance.

However, this school is registered with Yoga Alliance and only offers comprehensive training that meets and exceeds the highest standards. Their in-person courses are Yoga Alliance accredited, and they provide the same degree of training in their 100% online course. After graduating from this course, you will be a certified 200-hour yoga instructor who can confidently teach yoga. However, you will not be able to register with Yoga Alliance. 

A 100% online program can benefit some students who wish to refrain from participating live. Also, if you are already a yoga instructor who wishes to gain further knowledge or refresh your understanding, this program could be for you. 

This program is for students with at least six months of dedicated yoga practice who wish to learn more about yoga and all its benefits. This course is perfect for those who do not desire to be a yoga instructor but simply want to take a course to deepen their practice and enhance their lives. 

Curriculum includes:

  1. 30-hour Yin Yoga Module: learn to teach 25 different yin poses in a yin class
  2. 20-hour Restorative Yoga Module: discover the benefits and learn to teach safely
  3. 20-hour Philosophy Module: learn the history of yoga and its ancient roots
  4. 30-hour Anatomy Module: learn the fundamentals of all the systems of the body
  5. Practice & Teaching: learn the primary series of Ashtanga yoga and the practice of Hatha and Vinyasa Flow yoga, including class sequencing and cueing. 
  6. Pranayama, meditation, chanting: learn various breath and meditation techniques and how to teach them, including the chakra system. 

Why we recommend it:

At the end of this course, you can plan and teach a class in Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, and Restorative yoga. This course strongly focuses on philosophy and personal practice, taking you beyond just the physical practice of asana. You will gain valuable teaching tools, and the lead instructors are senior teachers with a wealth of experience to share. 

You can start this program immediately, and it is self-paced, so you can complete it in as much or as little time as you need. Each module can be completed in a few days, and you can choose which order to do them in. Each module is offered as a five-day schedule, so you can achieve this course in as little as thirty days. Or you can take as long as you like, as there is no schedule to keep to or rush to complete.  

Key Facts:

  1. Course Duration: self-paced
  2. Access: Lifetime
  3. Start Dates: immediate start
  4. Cost: $1097
  5. Payment Plans: 6 payments of $187/month
  6. Certification: RYT 200-Hour Yoga Teacher
  7. Other Online Certifications Offered:
  8. Yoga Alliance Accredited: No
  9. OYP Review: 9.70


  1. Google: 5
  2. Yoga Alliance: 4.87 (read more reviews)

13. Siddhi Yoga

Next on our list is Siddhi Yoga. Siddhi Yoga offers a 200-hour online yoga teacher training course in small group classes, allowing intimate and connected learning. Based out of India (the birthplace of yoga), Siddhi Yoga combines a practical, safe, and spiritual approach to yoga education. Classes are kept small by design to promote intimate learning opportunities for students.

This teacher training is for students who wish to become yoga teachers and those who simply want to deepen their practice. 

Siddhi Yoga provides access to a community of learners across the globe who share your passion for yoga and teaching. Instructors offer additional assistance and support as needed. Their comprehensive curriculum meets and exceeds the required Yoga Alliance guidelines and provides a spiritual depth that is non-denominational and non-religious. 

 Curriculum includes:

  1. Asana Practice: comprehensive teaching on all poses, including standing, seated, forward bends, backward bends, spinal rotations, inversions, supine and prone poses, hand balancing poses, and hip opening poses 
  2. Pranayama: instruction in seven different types of yogic breath work
  3. Yoga Anatomy: detailed information on the skeletal, muscular, nervous, respiratory, circulatory, and digestive systems. 
  4. Yoga Philosophy: the history of yoga, the Sutras, the 8-limbs, the various paths of yoga, the three bodies and five layers, yoga nidra, and the chakra system
  5. Meditation: five different types of meditation and their benefits
  6. Bhakti Yoga: including a fire ceremony and chanting mantra
  7. Teaching Methodology: the role of a teacher, sequencing, hands-on assistance and adjustments, correct alignment and potential risks, and a practicum
  8. Vinyasa module: specific teaching on vinyasa, discovering variations and sequencing tools to create dynamic vinyasa classes. 

Why we recommend it:

Siddhi Yoga has over 2000 graduates from over 90 countries, making it a truly international learning experience. This is one of the cheapest yoga teacher training programs and is taught by experienced, expert yoga gurus from India. This 200-hour teacher training offers the same standard of education as their in-person school in Rishikesh. 

They have provided online courses since 2013, and their yoga teacher training is thoughtful and thorough. Multiple renowned world-class teachers offer instruction in their specific areas of expertise, so you receive a truly holistic experience. Siddhi is one of the only schools that provides instruction in Bhakti Yoga Kirtans, making this certification truly unique and allowing students to bring a specialty to their classes that is not commonly offered.

Here is a spotlight article on the Siddhi Yoga School for more information on this highly regarded school!

Key Facts:

  1. Course Duration: self-paced
  2. Access: Lifetime
  3. Start Dates: Immediate
  4. Cost: $495
  5. Payment Plans: 3-month installments (3 x $165)
  6. Certification: RYT 200-Hour Yoga Teacher
  7. Other Online Certifications Offered: 300 Hour Yoga Teacher/500 Hour Yoga Teacher/100 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher/100 Hour Chair Yoga Teacher/50 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher
  8. Yoga Alliance Accredited: Yes
  9. OYP Review: 9.69


  1. Google: 3
  2. Yoga Alliance: 4.82 (read more reviews)

14. The Maze Method

Welcome to The Mazé Method, where co-founders Noah Mazé and his wife, Tracy, lead a highly respected 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program. This YTT program is taught around three core areas of study: The Theory and Practice of Yoga, Yoga Philosophy, and The Art of Teaching. It’s a transformative journey that deepens your connection with your body, breath, and mind, allowing you to cultivate a more profound and focused experience on your yoga mat.

The Mazé Method is a combination of hatha/vinyasa style. The emphasis is on teaching, equipping you with the skills to deliver clear verbal cues, demonstrations, and hands-on adjustments. This program prepares you to create a supportive and inclusive learning environment for your future students. The program also delves into the subtle aspects of hands-on adjustments, detailing the importance of knowing when and how to modify yoga poses to accommodate individual needs and limitations.

The curriculum seamlessly combines in-depth alignment knowledge, intelligent sequencing, and vinyasa theory, arming you with the expertise to lead safe and effective yoga classes.

Curriculum includes:

  1. Students’ yoga practice
  2. How to teach yoga poses: fundamental and intermediate poses
  3. Alignment and actions: applied anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology
  4. Purpose and use of props: modifying a practice for injury or special populations
  5. Restorative poses: self-care techniques, meditation, mantra, and mudra
  6. The art of teaching: how to theme, open and close classes, observation skills
  7. When to use adjustments: effective and appropriate use of adjustments
  8. How to effectively sequence: creating vinyasa and alignment-based classes
  9. The meaning behind asana systems: essential practices of yoga
  10. History of Yoga: an in-depth look at yoga history and culture, philosophy, mythology

Why we recommend it:

With more than 50 years of combined experience exploring various yoga styles and philosophies, the Mazė Method 200-hour online teacher certification instructors create a rich and multi-faceted learning environment. Students graduate from this program with fresh perspectives on yoga, a deep understanding of biomechanical alignment principles, and a wealth of yoga expertise.

Key Facts:

  1. Course Duration: 10 weeks
  2. Access: the duration of the course
  3. Start Dates: Cohorts, check the website for dates
  4. Cost: $2,499
  5. Certification: RYT 200-Hour Yoga Teacher
  6. Other Online Certifications Offered:
  7. Yoga Alliance Accredited: Yes
  8. OYP Review: 9.68


  1. Yoga Alliance: 4.8 (read more reviews)

15. Brett Larkin Yoga Uplifted

Brett Larkin Yoga Uplifted is an excellent program for your yoga teaching certification journey. Uplifted Yoga has 200, 300, and 500-hour online teacher training courses, and the classes are offered in a weekly, comprehensive syllabus that keeps the students on track and engaged in their education. Students are expected to participate in weekly live calls with instructors, watch informational videos, and read the course materials at their own pace.

Uplifted has plenty of free instructional videos and sample guides to see if it would be a good fit for your learning style. In addition to studying the basics of yoga and teaching, students of Uplifted Yoga will gain additional information about business management and how to run a yoga practice. Uplifted Yoga also has a dedicated smartphone app for easy, convenient learning.

The Uplifted training will equip you with anatomical expertise to meet your future students where they are regarding their physical abilities and needs. Beyond that, the course by Brett will empower you to move through your life in a way that feels centered and aligned with your values.

Apart from anatomy and asana, learning Brett Larkin’s award-winning business strategies will help you understand how to succeed as a certified yoga teacher in the digital age, whether you plan to teach online or in the studio. You’ll get the best training in this easy, convenient, and personalized teacher training program by Brett Larkin.

Curriculum includes:

  1. Comprehensive anatomy and physiology
  2. Sequencing masterclasses
  3. Hands-on adjustments
  4. Yoga Sutras
  5. Meditation techniques and teaching
  6. Modifying poses and using props
  7. Basic Ayurveda
  8. The Chakra system
  9. Teaching prenatal yoga 
  10. Teaching Yin Yoga
  11. Business and marketing

Why we recommend it:

Live calls and small groups ensure an intimate and personalized learning experience. A host of experienced teachers and world-renowned experts teach their specialized subjects. Yoga Uplifted offers in-demand specialty fascia modules to enhance your teaching and understanding of the body. 

This 200-hour online program exceeds all Yoga Alliance requirements and focuses on teaching entrepreneurship to ensure that graduates avoid common pitfalls and follow in the footsteps of multi-millionaire yogis. 

Key Facts:

  1. Course Duration: 4 months (up to 18 months)
  2. Access: instant, the moment you enroll
  3. Start Dates: Live cohorts, check the website for start dates
  4. Cost: $2,850
  5. Payment Plans: $199 per month payment plans
  6. Certification: RYT 200-Hour Yoga Teacher
  7. Other Online Certifications Offered: 300/500 Hour Yoga Teacher/200 Hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher/30 Hour Kundalini Course
  8. Yoga Alliance Accredited: Yes
  9. OYP Review: 9.68


  1. Google: 4.81
  2. Yoga Alliance: 4.8 (read more reviews)

16. YogaRenew

YogaRenew combines a flexible, convenient online yoga teacher training certification with an active, supportive community to assist its students in obtaining the 200, 300, or combined 500-Hour Yoga Alliance-approved training. YogaRenew promises that its classes are suitable for both yoga beginners and veterans, and its course material is accessible and practical.

YogaRenew’s online yoga teacher training provides an opportunity to enrich your practice and understanding of yoga deeply. This comprehensive YTT will give you a strong foundation for yoga philosophy and practice to become a confident yoga teacher!

Registering for YogaRenew has many benefits, including flashcards, resume templates, and yoga class idea guides for newly certified teachers. Students will learn how to communicate the basics of yoga and meditation and effectively host an engaging and safe yoga class.

YogaRenew’s team of yoga teachers offers you the highest support on your yoga teacher journey. Students get access to a team of yoga teacher mentors, live weekly Zoom calls, and can also join their active and supportive online community. Joining their program will guide you through your yoga teacher training journey and make you a part of a worldwide community!

Curriculum includes:

  1. History & Philosophy: the Yoga Sutras, The Bhagavad Gita, and the 8-limbs 
  2. Yoga Anatomy: a comprehensive all-systems training, including the psoas
  3. The Asanas: 50 postures, adjustments and modifications, and alignment
  4. Pranayama: benefits of breathwork and teaching cues
  5. Meditation: benefits, history, a guided how-to, and guided meditation
  6. Yoga Business & Marketing: finding teaching opportunities, branding and outreach
  7. Mudras: benefits of hand postures, guidance and considerations
  8. Teaching Tips: 11 critical qualities of a great yoga teacher, develop your voice, class setup
  9. Sequencing & Structure: developing your sequence, building class themes
  10. Beyond the Mat: overcoming fears and developing confidence, ethics
  11. Chakra Therapy: Healing affirmations, associated postures
  12. Different Styles of Yoga: Hatha, Yin, Hot, Kundalini, Iyengar, Restorative, Vinyasa, Ashtanga

Why we recommend it:

When you sign up for the Yoga Renew 200-hour Teacher Training Certification, you receive many bonuses, including 50 class sequence plans, Asana cue cards, 125 creative theme ideas, guided meditation videos and practices, weekly yoga music playlists, yoga resume templates, sample new client intake and liability waivers, as well as three ebooks on class themes, the chakras, and understanding your soul’s purpose, so you will be more than equipped to launch your yoga teaching career after graduation from this program.

Their comprehensive curriculum offers students an enriching learning experience that will prepare them to become successful and knowledgeable yoga instructors. You can study at your own pace and learn on demand, join their online community, enroll risk-free with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and get lifetime access to materials. 

Key Facts:

  1. Course Duration: Self-paced
  2. Access: lifetime access
  3. Start Dates: Begin Immediately
  4. Cost: $1637
  5. Payment Plans: 6-month payment plans ($280 per month)
  6. Certification: RYT 200-Hour Yoga Teacher
  7. Other Online Certifications Offered: 300/500 Hour Yoga Teacher
  8. Yoga Alliance Accredited: Yes
  9. OYP Review: 9.66


  1. Google: 5
  2. Yoga Alliance: 4.8 (read more reviews)

17. Full Circle Yoga School

This 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training by Full Circle Yoga School promises to infuse mysticism into teaching the traditional yoga styles of Hatha and Vinyasa. It allows students to transform their bodies, minds, and souls through the experience of this online teacher training program. 

They offer the program in twenty-one modules packed with information, knowledge, and practical teaching skills to help students develop themselves personally and as yoga instructors. 

Full Circle offers students many online yoga and meditation classes, meaning you can practice continually. At the same time, you take their 200-hour teacher training, advancing your skills and learning through your practice. 

The curriculum includes:

  1. Pranayama: learn different styles of breathwork and learn to teach them
  2. Chanting: know what Om means and how to bring it into your classes
  3. Anatomy: discover all the systems of the body and how they impact yoga
  4. The emotional causes of pain: learn how our emotions are stored in the body 
  5. Meeting your Guides/Guardian Angels: learn to access higher-plane intuition
  6. Meditation: learn meditation techniques and how to teach them
  7. Chakra Modules: separate modules on each of the seven chakras
  8. Yoga Philosophy: the history of yoga and the ancient texts
  9. Yoga Business: from online yoga to teaching in-person yoga
  10. Yin & Restorative Yoga: asanas and class components of each style
  11. Asana: yoga poses and how to guide them in the Hatha and Vinyasa style

Why we recommend it:

This 200-hour teacher training online is a highly developed program immersed in energetic components. Only a few yoga teacher training programs offer such deep and complex teachings on the Chakras or how to connect with your intuition. This course attracts students who are interested in the energy as well as the physical structure of yoga. 

The breadth of the curriculum includes learning to teach four different styles of yoga, Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, and Restorative, so graduates of this program will be well-versed in planning and teaching classes of all varieties. Full Circle Yoga School is a Yoga Alliance registered school offering 200 and 300-hour Yoga Alliance accredited online spiritually aligned programs of the highest caliber. 

Key Facts:

  1. Course Duration:
  2. Access: Lifetime
  3. Start Dates: 
  4. Cost: $1499
  5. Payment Plans: contact Full Circle Yoga School to inquire
  6. Certification: RYT 200-Hour Yoga Teacher
  7. Other Online Certifications Offered: RYT 300 and 500 Yoga Teacher
  8. Yoga Alliance Accredited: Yes
  9. OYP Review: 9.65


  1. Google: 5
  2. Yoga Alliance: 4.87 (read more reviews)

18. Yoga and Ayurveda Center

If you want to get certification as a Yoga Teacher and an Ayurvedic Specialist, this affordable 200-hour online certification is for you! The Yoga and Ayurveda Center offers many online trainings, including 300-hour and 500-hour Online Teacher Training. Beyond many other programs, it provides fantastic teacher support and a broad education spectrum. Steph’s school has been featured in Entrepreneur, The Guardian, Digital Journal, Apple News, Market Herald, and more.

This program will ensure that students complete various graduation and Yoga Alliance registration requirements, including 50 home practice logs, three postural assessments, 5 Asana forms, 5 class plans, a final teaching project worksheet, and a Final Exam. This level of assessment is closely guided by Yoga and Ayurveda Center’s expert team of instructors, ensuring each student’s success. 

Yoga and Ayurveda Center’s 200 online Yoga Teacher Training includes a wide breadth of instruction, with an extensive curriculum that provides for all the subjects below as well as core teachings on the Bandhas, Sequencing, The Business of Yoga, Safety and Adjustments, and Sanskrit. 

Curriculum includes:

  1. Yoga Philosophy & History: In-depth training in the Yoga Sutras, Yamas & Niyamas, ancient texts and styles of yoga
  2. Anatomy & Physiology: Learn about body systems, including anatomical terms, the muscular and skeletal systems
  3. Pranayama: detailed information about breathwork, its benefits and purposes, how to teach various types of pranayama, and specific cues to help you guide students
  4.  Asanas: students gain proficiency in over 100+ asanas from all categories, including modifications and adjustments
  5. Mantra & Meditation: learn the benefits of chanting and meditation and how to guide your yoga students in both these modalities in class
  6. Chakra Healing: comprehensive insights into postures, crystals, and meditations for each chakra
  7. The Yoga Teacher & Teaching Methodology: extensive data on self-care and your home practice, cueing, ethics and boundaries, and how to set up your room

Why we recommend it:

All online elements are optional, allowing students to customize their learning and remain flexible in their schedule. Yoga and Ayurveda Center students receive quality 200-hour online teacher training, including Vinyasa, Hatha, Restorative, and Chair yoga teacher certificates, and specialist-certified training in Ayurveda. 

This program guides their students in getting started as a yoga teacher. It includes sample business forms such as waivers, ayurvedic intake forms, and a yoga teacher resume and cover letter kit. You will receive over 200 creative yoga themes for classes and cue cards for over 100 asanas, meaning you can confidently get started as a yoga instructor upon graduation from this excellent program. 

Key Facts:

  1. Course Duration:
  2. Access: Lifelong access
  3. Start Dates: Immediate start
  4. Cost: $395
  5. Payment Plans: 5-month payment plan (5 x $85), 6-month payment plan (6 x $75)
  6. Certification: RYT 200-Hour Yoga Teacher
  7. Other Online Certifications Offered: 300 Hour/500 Hour/Yin/Prenatal/Restorative Teacher Training and many more 
  8. Yoga Alliance Accredited: Yes
  9. OYP Review: 9.63


19. My Vinyasa Practice

Based out of Austin, Texas, My Vinyasa Practice offers 200, 300, and 500 (combined) hour teacher training courses online, allowing you to go at your own pace with their instructional videos and attend synchronous live classes.

My Vinyasa Practice has different learning opportunities for every learning style. There is something for each type of student between e-books, peer mentorship programs, pre-recorded classes, podcasts, and study groups. My Vinyasa Practice allows students to start learning when they sign up and provides flexible payment options.

The most important thing is the confidence students gain to begin teaching after completing this comprehensive program. Many students take this course for personal growth, to further understand yoga, and to enhance their practice.

Curriculum includes:

  1. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the history and philosophy of yoga
  2. Meditation, dharma, and karma
  3. Anatomy, physiology, and the mechanics of yoga
  4. Vinyasa and Hatha yoga sequencing, cueing, and trauma-informed teaching 
  5. The Chakras, energetics, and traditional practices elevate consciousness
  6. Ayurveda for yoga teachers
  7. Introduction to Yoga Nidra, Restorative, Yin, and Prenatal yoga
  8. The Business of Yoga

Why we recommend it:

My Vinyasa Practice offers a pre-recorded course, all text materials are available digitally. They also provide live weekend lectures, recorded for those who can’t attend in person. They offer robust online support, including one-on-one coaching, a judgment-free peer-to-peer community, and direct access to their lead trainers. This program ensures students feel connected and guided to the highest level. 

This 200-hour program is very affordable, and My Vinyasa Practice often offers generous discounts, too. Visit their site for their latest special!

Key Facts:

  1. Course Duration: self-paced
  2. Access: Lifetime access
  3. Start Dates: Immediate
  4. Cost: $850
  5. Certification: RYT 200-Hour Yoga Teacher
  6. Other Online Certifications Offered: RYT 300 hour, Certificates in Prenatal, Yin, Children’s Yoga Certification, Yoga Therapy, and many other advanced courses
  7. Yoga Alliance Accredited: Yes
  8. OYP Review: 9.60


  1. Google: 5
  2. Yoga Alliance: 4.87 (read more reviews)

20. Santosha Yoga Institute

This Australian-based Yoga School offers multiple online courses, including a fully certified Yoga Alliance 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training. Their teachers have authentic yoga roots that connect through the Krishnam teaching lineage. 

Students who enroll in this program are supported by caring teachers who offer personalized feedback and guidance. It is a profoundly spiritual course, and it’s perfect for those interested in going beyond the physical practice and getting more than just your ordinary yoga training.

This program is self-paced, with multiple modules that can be started immediately. Students also join cohorts for the live component of the course so that they will travel along that part of the program supported by their teachers and peers. 

Curriculum includes:

  1. Yoga Anatomy: a trained physiotherapist teaches you anatomy both in the self-paced modules and the live Zoom classes so that you can understand the body as it relates to yoga.
  2. Yoga Postures: you’ll learn all these in the live classes, and the video focuses on Hatha yoga. You’ll also be part of the Posturbs, learn modifications, adjustments, and cues, and learn Vinylow, too. 
  3. Teaching and Sequencing: discover the principles of safe and effective teaching and sequences based on the Krishnamacharya lineage
  4. Meditation and Pranayama: learn simple and profound meditations and breathing techniques and receive scripts that you can use to teach 
  5. Yoga Philosophy & Sutras: dive into the ancient wisdom behind the practice that you can use in your daily life as well as infuse into your teaching 
  6. Trauma-Informed Yoga: learn about the difference you can make through trauma-informed teaching so that you can be inclusive and safe in all your classes
  7. Yoga Business: all the tips and tricks needed to become a successful yoga instructor

Why we recommend it:

Santosha Yoga Institute offers a comprehensive curriculum that teaches the broadest subjects, including the above plus Yoga Nidra, Mantra, and Kirtan, and developing your self-practice. 

They have graduates worldwide teaching yoga after taking their online yoga teacher training. You can complete your training in as much time as you need, as the video and online modules are entirely self-paced, and you have unlimited access to them. You add a month’s worth of live Zoom classes whenever you are ready, and you can repeat that month as many times as you like. 

You also receive a bonus online course with Santosha. You can choose from YYogaoga, Kids & Teens Yoga, Pre and Postnatal Yoga, or a Meditation course for free to add to your skills. 

Key Facts:

  1. Course Duration: 4 weeks – unlimited
  2. Access: Unlimited access to prerecorded materials
  3. Start Dates: Self-paced modules start immediately/specific dates for cohort component 
  4. Cost: $AUD 2999
  5. Payment Plans: $AUD 1490 pay in full option (approx USD 1140), or 5-month payment plan options
  6. Certification: RYT 200-Hour Yoga Teacher
  7. Other Online Certifications Offered: RYT-300 hour Yoga Teacher/50 hour Yin Yoga training/50 Hour Yoga Nidra training and many more
  8. Yoga Alliance Accredited: Yes
  9. OYP Review: 9.36


  1. Google: 4.8
  2. Yoga Alliance: 4.34 (read more reviews)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an RYT?

A Registered Yoga Teacher (RTY) has completed a Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Teacher Training of a minimum of 200 hours and registered with the Yoga Alliance, paying their membership fees and maintaining a specific number of continuing education units as specified on their website. 

What is the difference between a CYT and an RYT?

A Certified Yoga Teacher (CYT) is not accredited with the Yoga Alliance but has obtained certification in yoga teaching at a school not affiliated with the Yoga Alliance.

Can you learn to be a yoga teacher online?

Yes! There are hundreds of yoga teacher training online, and online training has as much faith as in-person training, mainly if it is a Yoga Alliance-accredited program. 

Is an online Yoga Teacher Training program worth it?

Absolutely! Whether you want to deepen your practice or become a yoga instructor, learning online can provide a rich and excellent education in yoga. 

Are online yoga certifications legit?

Yes! If they are Yoga Alliance certified, online yoga training is legitimate. 

Who are the best online yoga instructors?

Almost all yoga schools and yoga teachers have an online presence so you can find well-known yoga teachers online. The best yoga teachers are the ones who have reputable experience and qualifications and who you vibe with.

Is 30 too old to become a yoga teacher?

No age is “too old” to become a yoga teacher! Age is a number, and you are only as old as you feel! Becoming a teacher can be a mark of maturity. 

Can you be a self-taught yoga instructor?

No. Being a yoga instructor takes a lot of training, and looking to experts in the field to teach you would be more appropriate. 

Why are yoga certifications so expensive?

There are a multitude of prices, from very affordable to more expensive. When you want to be taught by professionals and experts, you have to pay to receive the teaching. Many schools offer payment plans to help alleviate the cost upfront. 

Which certificate is best for a yoga teacher?

You will need a 200-hour yoga teacher certificate to teach yoga in a studio. To register with the Yoga Alliance, you must take a program from a Yoga Alliance-accredited school.

What are the disadvantages of being a yoga instructor?

The disadvantages of being a yoga instructor are unique to the individual. As a yoga instructor, it is essential to maintain a consistent yoga practice and to demonstrate poses to your students. It can be physically exerting at times. You may have to teach at multiple studios and travel during the day. You must be able to stand in front of a group and deliver a quality class. 

Which yoga school is best?

What is “the best” is very personal to the individual. What is best for one person may not be the best for others. Make a list of wants and needs, and you will get closer to finding the best school for you. 

How do I start yoga certification?

Sign up for a yoga teacher training and begin to learn!

How do I become a qualified yoga teacher?

Complete a 200-hour teacher training.

Can you make money as a yoga teacher?

Yes. You get paid to teach classes, and if you prepare enough, you can make a decent living. You can supplement your income by including teaching workshops and occasional retreats. 

What is a certified yoga instructor called?

If you are registered with the yoga alliance, you can add RYT and the number of completed hours of training to your title. 


Whether you are new to yoga or looking to start teaching after years of personal practice, these schools have fantastic online yoga teacher certification opportunities. 

Finding a flexible online learning program is now easier than ever, no matter how hectic your schedule. The Yoga Alliance has created a transparent and rigorous industry standard for instruction so students can trust that they will receive consistent, quality education from accredited schools and programs. 

Miranda Murphy Goll has been an E-RYT 200 since 2016 and has taught over a 1,000 hours of vinyasa and hatha yoga. She has professional expertise in yin yoga, prenatal and children's yoga, and has co-lead on several yoga teacher training programs. Miranda has practiced the healing arts since 2002, integrating her work as a Reiki master, massage therapist, and breathwork facilitator into her yoga teaching and coaching practices.


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