7 Apps to Help You Learn Yoga


oga has become an increasingly popular hobby in recent years. It has great benefits for your body, and it can be practiced almost everywhere. Yoga studies have popped up in cities throughout the U.S. However, some of these yoga classes can be pretty expensive.

Luckily, there are hundreds of resources available online for free. The best 7 apps to help you learn yoga are:

  1. Down Dog
  2. Daily Yoga
  3. Glo
  4. Simply Yoga
  5. Yoga Workout
  6. Pocket Yoga
  7. 5 Minute Yoga

When searching on the internet, it might be a little overwhelming to see all of the free options available. Keep reading to find descriptions of the 7 apps that may help get you started on your yoga journey.

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How Can I Learn Yoga at Home in an App?

It might be difficult to imagine how an app can replace the physical instruction you could get by going to a yoga studio. Using an app is something that requires some time to get used to.

However, the benefits of using an app rather than going to a yoga studio are massive. These apps have online instructors that have designed the exercises and plan to teach you all you need to know. You will receive instruction from some of the best yoga instructors for a small price in the comfort of your home. 

The process is quite simple. All you need to do is find an app that interests you, download it, get to know how the app works, and begin learning from your home.

How a Yoga App Differs From YouTube Videos

Many people consider YouTube videos to be a great option to learn just about anything for free. There are millions of YouTube videos and tutorials that can teach you how to do just about anything from changing a spare tire to learning yoga. 

Although YouTube is a great option to learn yoga from home, an app might be better suited for you because you can get more personal instruction. An app gives you the ability to design your own workouts and routines. It provides you with coaching from professionals who are there to help you along in your journey.

Simply watching a video on YouTube does not give you the ongoing support that using an app does. 

7 Apps to Help You Learn Yoga At Home

With so many apps available for both iOS and Android, it can be hard to find which one is the best for you. Here is a list of 7 apps that can teach you yoga at home for a small monthly fee. 

1. Down Dog

The first app on this list is called Down Dog. This is a great app for people across all fitness levels. This app gives you the ability to customize your plan to suit your fitness level. It is available on both iOS and Android.

Some of the benefits of this app are the ability to choose from a selection of instructor voices to guide you through your practice, the ability to customize your yoga practice to match your level, and a variety of different yoga practices for you to try out. 

This app is free to download and free to use. However, some of the special features require you to have a premium membership which costs a few dollars per month. It is a great app for you to progress in your journey. It is very versatile as it allows you to choose your type of practice and practice length between 10 and 110 minutes. 

Down Dog gives you very clear instructions, which makes it easy for beginners to get started. Classes change weekly so you will not get bored. Even using the free version is a great opportunity to try it out and then decide whether you want the extra benefits that a premium membership offers. 

2. Daily Yoga

The second app on this list is Daily Yoga. This app is a great option for those of you who like the community support and motivation you get by going to a yoga studio. It gives users a large community of people who share their love for yoga. You can reach out to other users and share ideas and tips.

It has the biggest worldwide yoga community. It also offers 70 yoga programs for you to try out. Classes are updated weekly, so you will not see the same classes over and over. 

It is a great app to use regardless of your mastery level. They offer weekly classes in a variety of levels that range from beginner to master. It also offers many programs like Getting Toned and Health Enhanced that last over multiple weeks to help you achieve your goals.

Daily Yoga is free to download, but its premium subscription costs over $20 a month, being the most expensive app on this list. It is available on both iOS and Android. It may not be the best option if you are a beginner because sometimes it can be a little too technical. The free version also has pop-up ads and less access to videos and lessons. 

3. Glo

The next app on our list is Glo. It is a great app for people who are pretty busy throughout the day. It offers lessons that range between 10 and 20 minutes which allows you to get some practice in while continuing on with your busy day. 

This app is very beginner-friendly and offers over 4,000 courses. It also offers a lot of variety by allowing users to choose from over 10 different yoga styles. If you choose to purchase their monthly subscription, then you will have access to videos and lessons that will improve your overall knowledge about yoga.

Despite being very beginner-friendly, it also gives its users the opportunity to increase the difficulty with its wide selection of classes that change in difficulty and time. The app is also very user-friendly as it allows you to go to the search bar and look for a specific style you want to practice or a goal you wish to achieve.

Unfortunately, this app offers very few of its features with the free version. You will need to purchase their per month subscriptions to get access to all of the features it has to offer. Another downside of Glo is the fact that it offers less personalized recommendations. 

4. Simply Yoga

Up next is Simply Yoga. This app is great for kids and beginners. It is very user-friendly and great for families that are looking to teach their kids yoga.

This app offers most of its features for free. Its classes are designed for kids or adults and last anywhere between 20 and 60 minutes. It includes audio and visual lessons to help you through the exercises. The free version has plenty of classes for beginners.

If you are looking to get more than the free version offers, you can always upgrade to the paid version and get access to more customization and challenging instruction. This app is a great option for families that are looking to develop the habit of practicing yoga together. 

The downside of using Simply Yoga is that it doesn’t offer nearly as many features as many of the other apps on this list. Also, the free version only offers 6 different lessons to watch and practice. If you are looking for more lessons, then you will need to either upgrade to the paid version or look at another app. 

5. Yoga Workout

The next app on this list is Yoga Workout. The app has many monthly challenges meant to keep you motivated on your journey. It does a great job of motivating people to practice yoga just about anywhere. 

The coolest thing about Yoga Workout is that all of its features are completely free. This app doesn’t have a premium version, so you will get access to everything it offers 100% free. It offers classes that vary in length from 5 to 50 minutes. It is very beginner-friendly, 

This may be the best app for beginners to give yoga a try. You can download the app and begin learning yoga completely for free. Once you become familiar with the app and feel comfortable using it, you may choose to download another one of the apps on this list for a more challenging experience. 

Perhaps the only downside of Yoga Workout is that it is only available on iOS and that it doesn’t offer as many classes and features as some of the other yoga apps. 

6. Pocket Yoga

Pocket Yoga is a great app for beginners. It is perfect for people who are too shy to go to a yoga studio and would prefer to practice at home for a very low price.

The app does cost money to download, but it does not have a monthly subscription fee. Once you pay the money to download, you will get access to over 300 poses, kid-friendly classes, and the ability to customize the length and difficulty of your classes.

This app does a great job of explaining all of the yoga poses in an easy-to-understand way while having attention to detail. It allows you to search poses by type or difficulty level. 

The downside of this app is that it doesn’t have any video instruction, and the amount of classes and routines is limited. 

7. 5 Minute Yoga

The last app on this list is 5 Minute Yoga. It is great for office people who may just have 5 minutes to dedicate to learning yoga. 

The benefits are that the poses are described in detailed images, it has quick yoga routines that are no longer than 5 minutes, and it is great for all levels. 

This app is free to download and has fee premium options that cost a few dollars per month depending on the features you want to enjoy. Despite being great for people that are busy, this app doesn’t offer as many features compared to other apps on this list. It also only offers classes in yoga, unlike other apps that offer meditation classes and much more. 


As you may have come to realize, there are a very wide variety of options for learning yoga using an app. It can be hard to choose one and stick with it. That is why you shouldn’t be afraid to take advantage of free trials and try a couple of apps on this list to find the one that is perfect for you.

There’s also another great app which we love from my vinyasa, that allows you to practice yoga from wherever you are at, at the time of your choosing! You can check out the My Vinyasa Practice App Review in that article!

You truly can’t go wrong with any of the apps on this list. It is all about finding which app best suits your goals and needs. All of these apps are designed to allow you to learn at your own pace and from the comfort of your home. So what are you waiting for? Download and app and start your at-home practice today!

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Caleb Sharbono is a writer, bio-hacker, wellness advocate, and yogi. Caleb, who grew up on a small Montana ranch, joined the Navy at 17 to study cryptology. He later graduated from the US Naval Academy with a Minor in Mandarin, a Bachelor's in General Engineering, and a Major in English Literature. Caleb's interests and career cover diverse industries and disciplines. Caleb lives in San Antonio and is a Certified Yoga Instructor. He is also studying Zen Buddhism, practicing Holistic Psychology, and working towards his 300-hour yoga teacher training.


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