Satya: How Authenticity Leads to Attracting Abundance


his article excerpt covers Yoga Sutra 2.36 and centers around the Sanksrit word: Satya.  Again, what you read below is an introduction to the Yoga Sutras and  a part of our broader series covering the Yoga Sutras for Beginners, which is 15 article excerpts in total. 

Each of the article excerpts within this series will give you a sneak peek into the wonderful work created by Yogi and author, Melissa Lavery, whose complete book, The Yogic Lifestyle: A Foundation for Freedom is available at select distributors throughout the US as well as Amazon’s online bookstore.

All content excerpts are provided with permission by the publisher.

The book itself is organized into 3 parts and further divided into each of the 15 categories below:

The Yogic Lifestyle: A Foundation for Relationships

  1. Shanti: How to Maintain Personal Peace and Power in Relationships
  2. Yama: How to Eliminate Suffering and Cultivate a Better Relationship with the World
  3. Niyama: How to Cultivate a Better Relationship with Yourself and Commit to Personal Self-Care
  4. Pratipaksa Bhavana: How to Navigate Conflicting World-views and Build Relationships with Anyone
  5. Samadhi: How the Inner Journey Toward Self Will Bring You Closer to the Divine Consciousness

The Yogic Lifestyle: A Foundation for Health

  1. Asana: The Health Benefits of a Physical Practice (On and Off the Mat)
  2. Pranayama: How to Maintain Health Through Breath Awareness
  3. Samyama: How to Travel the Meditative Path to Health and Wellness
  4. Nidra: How to Improve Your Sleep Quality to Enhance Health and Wellness
  5. Sauca: How Cleanliness Paves the Path to Holistic Health

The Yogic Lifestyle: A Foundation for Abundance

  1. Klesa: How to Eliminate Ego’s Control and Cultivate an Identity that Attracts Abundance
  2. Satya: How Authenticity Leads to Attracting Abundance
  3. Astreya: How to Practice Non-Stealing to Attract Wealth and Abundance
  4. Aparigraha: How the Practice of Non-Hoarding Can Benefit Your Wallet and Illumniate Your Path
  5. Sadhana: How Consistent Practice Creates a Strong Foundation for an Abundant Life

The Yogic Lifestyle: A Foundation for Freedom

Satya: How Authenticity Leads to Attracting Abundance

To one established in truthfulness, actions and their results become subservient.

The path to wealth isn’t always clear. But attracting what you desire, what you really want for yourself, is a direct journey. By identifying your goals and living in truth, you can find a way to what wealth you seek.

To live an authentic life means to live in absolute honesty. It means to speak, think, and act with clear intentions. Not only is this beneficial for others, by means of a reliable example, but it is essential to be true to oneself when pursuing dreams. Each person has unique gifts, intelligences, and methodologies. Humans differ in experiences and abilities, because the collective needs these varying perspectives and talents to create a wholistic system that sustains life on this planet. When we all choose to live an authentic life, according to our abilities, we give and receive what is needed, living in balance.

Leading from a clear heart-mind attracts abundance in many areas of life, because it allows individuals to reach their goals in the following ways:

  1. Setting honest intentions and following through leads to goal achievement.
  2. Using clear and direct communication provides according to expectations. 
  3. Being honest and acting according to one’s word will lead to trustworthiness.
  4. Authenticity means living in the present, which limits symptoms of depression or anxiety.
  5. Expressing emotions helps to regulate body systems, keeping channels open and life-force energy (prāṇa) flowing.

Authenticity is the mark of a responsible person, but it is also the means to finding purpose and joy. The practice of yoga is multilayered, and the effects are not always predictable. However, the practice of satya—living in truth— maintains alignment with intended goals and desires, attracting abundance in its many forms.

What is Satya and How Does It Lead the Way to Wealth

Satya is the practice of honesty. As the second yama, satya is a powerful commitment to the truth. Its practice is fundamental to the yogic lifestyle one cannot attempt to approach the path to clarity without truth at its base. A healthy body depends on honest and clean behaviors. A healthy mind depends on dedication to the truth and filtering out falsehoods. A healthy emotional center depends on clear intentions and honest actions that lead to wellness. A healthy spiritual practice consists of the search for truth, without dogma or zealotry, continuously seeking and recognizing the divine in everything. 

When these components are put together, they create a solid core, supportive and open. An honest foundation is capable of identifying the illuminated path forward, content on working in the present to meet the goals of the future. This active living in truth is particularly advantageous in regard to financial goals and building the wealth one desires. Disclaimer: The advice within these pages cannot make you rich. Not only is that delusional (a muddy filter from which we see the world), but it is against the tenets of yoga to describe this sacred practice to make money. However, with deliberate action, focus, and honesty (tenets of yoga), it is possible to fulfill intentions, carving a path toward financial freedom.

Authentic Intention

To begin down the path of creating your own reality, it is essential to understand the power of intention. Intention is a plan, goal, or objective. An intention can be general or specific. It can be a small goal or a large plan. Examples of financial intentions include:

  1. Spending less money
  2. Paying off debt
  3. Saving more money
  4. Growing investments or retirement savings
  5. Purchasing something specific
  6. Increasing generosity and charitable giving
  7. Starting a new business 
  8. Moving to another location 
  9. Carving a new life path

Each one of these goals can further be dissected into smaller actions. For example, spending less money may include investing in a coffee maker and reusable mug, instead of buying coffee every morning. A change as large as moving to another location will require research, travel, and making a financial plan (which then includes employment, cost of living adjustment, buying/selling a home, etc.). And then, each of these steps include smaller steps still. Regardless, once you set an intention and act to follow through, you will be amazed at how circumstances begin to fall into place. The important factor is to be authentic when setting intentions, being honest about desires and circumstances. 

Being authentic about intentions means you must set goals that are in alignment with high-energy frequencies, such as Love, Beauty, and Truth. In terms of yoga, this means that you must set intentions and then act in a way that aligns with the principles inherent within the practice. These include the yamas, niyamas, and all other actions involved in creating a clear heart-mind. 

For purposes of improving finances and creating wealth, it is important to set an intention that is honest. Stealing, cheating, or hoarding are not the ways to wealth. Neither is dreaming of a life that does not fit in with your purpose or abilities. It is impossible to desire wealth and then sit at home hoping it will magically come to you. You must determine what your financial goals are, in an honest way, and then move to act.

How to Set Intentions

Intentions become reality, so it is important to set ones that you really want to manifest. I intend to become rich is not a realistic objective. However, I intend to align with my purpose/talents or more specifically, I intend to earn a certificate to bolster my education and credentials are more in alignment with authenticity. 

… (end of excerpt)

The Yogic Lifestyle: A Foundation for Freedom

Wrapping Up

… to continue reading from this chapter of The Yogic Lifestyle: A Foundation for Freedom please visit and order from the book’s page on Again, we hope you found this valuable and wish you health and happiness along your journey. Namaste.

Caleb Sharbono is a writer, bio-hacker, wellness advocate, and yogi. Caleb, who grew up on a small Montana ranch, joined the Navy at 17 to study cryptology. He later graduated from the US Naval Academy with a Minor in Mandarin, a Bachelor's in General Engineering, and a Major in English Literature. Caleb's interests and career cover diverse industries and disciplines. Caleb lives in San Antonio and is a Certified Yoga Instructor. He is also studying Zen Buddhism, practicing Holistic Psychology, and working towards his 300-hour yoga teacher training.


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