The Top 10 Yoga Influencers on Instagram


f you are a yoga fan and always on Instagram, I'm sure you've come across many yoga influencers on the app flaunting how flexible they've grown to be (we love to see it).

Yoga growing in popularity means that more people follow it and want to learn more about the craft. Doing so without it feeling exhausting can be achieved through following yoga influencers on Instagram and taking notes on the few pointers they offer here and there.

The top yoga influencers on Instagram tend to have a huge following indicating how much influence they have on people. Having that many organic followers means that there is something they are doing right.

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Can you make money from yoga?

Yes, you can make money from yoga. When you become an influencer, you have a better chance of making a living out of yoga. The determiner of how much you make is consistency. People who keep posting regularly tend to gain more followers.

I know you’re wondering how an Instagram yoga influencer could make a living. The answer is by using your influence. If you’re a certified yoga instructor, you could create courses and share them with your followers (pretty sure they’ll buy).

Also, being on Instagram means you could approach companies that have the same interest as you and ask to be their ambassador. Being a product ambassador will help you make quite a lot of money. You must have good negotiating skills and choose products that your followers will be interested in.

You could also create a website and a YouTube channel. People are always interested in knowing how influencers spend their days. Sharing this on YouTube could help you earn money. A website, too, generates money. You could write articles on topics your followers tend to inquire a lot about.

There’s a lot more ways yoga influencer make money, and the above is just the tip of the iceberg. But you can clearly see, it is possible to make a living out of being a yoga influencer.

What is a yoga influencer?

Yoga influencers not only provide motivation for doing yoga and becoming fit, but they also help others keep exploring their spiritual journey, living healthily and positively. The main reason to trust yoga influencers is because they live their lives spiritually.

Yoga influencers teach how to live and breathe the yogi lifestyle. They are an inspiration to others, showing them how to live a better lifestyle that incorporates yoga.

Yoga influencers are a great tool as they’ve shed light on yoga practice and made younger generations aware of yoga as a spiritual and physical practice. They have made yoga something you can practice at home and don’t need to pay a lot of money to go to a studio, and those in rural areas can finally access yoga.

How do I become a yoga influencer?

To become a yoga influencer on Instagram and grow your following from zero needs dire dedication. When looking to be a yoga influencer there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind.

Yoga Influencers on Instagram - how do I become a yoga influencer

Have proper equipment

Having high-quality videos and pictures on Instagram is a great tool for gaining followers. Find a tripod, lighting, and a good camera.

Even though people will come to see and love you for your unique qualities, you need to start with high-quality images. Instagram is all about looks. That’s how you get followers. To keep these followers, though, you’ll need personality.

Also having the right yoga mats, blocks, clothing, and more helps you get noticed. Plus, it helps give you the credit you need to become an influencer.


Create a calendar for when you’ll be posting on Instagram. When creating a content calendar, be sure it is something you can follow rather than something you can’t. When you can’t produce content at the rate you need to, you will end up producing poor-quality content because it’s rushed. You don’t want that. Your content should always be high quality.

Consistency also means posting on your Instagram stories. You could post about your daily yoga practice, meditation, or even the meals you’re having. Such tiny ideas about your day will make your followers glued to your page. People always want raw content, too, and that can be done easily through your insta stories.

Create a youtube channel

A YouTube channel will help you post long videos compared to what Instagram allows you to post on their reels. In your YouTube channel, make sure you cover things like Q&A, day in the life, and product reviews.

Seeing as you’re a yogi, most of your followers will want to know more about what inspired you to start yoga. Everyone likes authenticity, and following a yoga instructor who has no past or inspiration isn’t possible.

A day in the life (or week) videos help show your followers how yoga inspires your life, how you keep a healthy diet, and what a typical day looks like in your life. Make these videos in the most authentic ways, and you’ll gain even more followers.

Product reviews could be sponsored or non-sponsored. When showing your favorite products, it helps your audience feel like they know you more. If you use certain products regularly, you could reach out to those companies and ask them to sponsor a couple of your videos. This way, you will be solving two issues simultaneously.

One of the most important things is to have your specific content. What kind of yoga are you going to promote? Maybe learning a new type of yoga, or even becoming an acro yoga instructor with your viewers. Coming up with new ideas and sticking to your type of content will be extremely helpful.

Set your intention and use a business account

In the same way, you set an intention at the beginning of every yoga practice, you have to do this too when starting your yoga Instagram page. Know what exactly you’d like to share with people and stick to it. People will follow you if you post consistently on what they came to your page for.

Using an Instagram business account will help you know what content your followers love the most. Having this information will keep your followers from leaving you since you’ll provide more content that they love.

A business account will also help you know the best time to post on your feed and what areas most of your followers reside in. Knowing their locations will help you know where to have your workshops or “meet and greet.”

Collaborate with other yoga influencers

Collaborations mean that you will get exposure to their followers who will end up following you. On the other hand, you will also be helping the other influencers gain followers from your followers. This is a perfect way to grow your page.

For a better chance of collaboration, approach influencers with almost the same followers as you for a better chance of a positive answer.

Yoga Influencers on Instagram - Collaborate with other yoga influencers

Interact with your audience

Replying to comments and posting “ask me a question” segments help your followers feel the connection between you and them. The best way to keep followers is by showing them that they matter.

You could also use your stories to ask your followers what type of content they would like to see. You could even hold a poll for the most asked for content. This way, you’ll give out content that your followers desire.

The Top 10 Yoga Influencers on Instagram

1. Dylan Werner

@dylanwerneryoga is a yogi and yoga teacher who travels the world sharing with people his love for yoga. His yoga classes aren’t centered in one area, so he spends all his time traveling the world. Dylan has over 800k followers on Instagram. He also recently published a book, “The Illuminated Breath,” that he sells on kindle and amazon.

2. Boho Beautiful

@bohobeautifullife is an Instagram page run by Juliana and Mark Spicoluk. This Instagram page is full of inspiration. They hold retreats and workshops and share their yoga practice on YouTube, where they have over 2 million followers. On Instagram, they’ve accumulated over 400k followers.

3. Chelsea Williams

@Chelseasyoga creates videos on Instagram to demonstrate how to do certain poses properly. She also has a fitness app, holds yoga classes, and retreats. On her page, she also has recipes to help her followers eat balanced and healthy food.

4. Anna Tippkemper

@ania_75 will keep you on your feet. She shares yoga flow videos, combines pilates and yoga, and shares her diet on her page. Anna also holds retreats to connect with her followers and teach some more. She intensifies yoga to make you sweat while still breathing.

5. Briohny Smith

@yogawithbriohny takes her time to break down yoga poses and help you do an injury-free yoga flow. Briohny is also a yoga teacher, and her Instagram is full of tips for creating a healthy mental and physical life.

6. Sara Ticha

@saraticha is a yoga and meditation teacher. She also hosts yoga retreats, workshops, and yoga classes. She also helps people in journaling and self-development on her Instagram page. Sara interacts with her audience through her book clubs too.

7. Kino MacGregor

@kinoyoga shares a lot of knowledge on her Instagram page. She has a podcast where she discusses yoga, consistency, and healthy eating. She runs a website talking about yoga and health. Kino has more than 1 million followers on Instagram. She also has a YouTube channel where she shares yoga videos.

8. Sharath Jois

@sharathjoisr is the only known guru that practices and teaches the six series of ashtanga yoga. He has an institute where he teaches yoga to students from around the world. His dedication to passionately teaching ashtanga yoga to the world is what sets him apart from the rest. Sharath has over 97k followers on Instagram.

9. Hannah Barrett

@hannahbarrettyoga is a registered yoga teacher who teaches both prenatal and postpartum yoga. She helps fellow mums still get their groove on even when going through the process of bringing new souls to this world. One thing you’ll notice about her Instagram is her love for anatomy.

10. Kerri Verna

@beachyogagirl is a fun page to follow. She gives instructions on how to perform different poses keeping safety in mind. Kerri guides not only yoga workouts but also pilates. She also has programs for sale and hosts retreats.

Final words

Being an Instagram influencer is a lot of work. You need a lot of dedication and to inspire people to live their best lives. Even though Instagram is mostly about appearances and lovely images, always remember that yoga goes more profound than the eye can meet. Always show people who you are, and you will inspire many.

Caleb Sharbono is a writer, bio-hacker, wellness advocate, and yogi. Caleb, who grew up on a small Montana ranch, joined the Navy at 17 to study cryptology. He later graduated from the US Naval Academy with a Minor in Mandarin, a Bachelor's in General Engineering, and a Major in English Literature. Caleb's interests and career cover diverse industries and disciplines. Caleb lives in San Antonio and is a Certified Yoga Instructor. He is also studying Zen Buddhism, practicing Holistic Psychology, and working towards his 300-hour yoga teacher training.


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