My Vinyasa Practice’s 10 Best Yoga Certifications Online


mbark on a transformative journey through the world of yoga with My Vinyasa Practice, a reputable and well-established online yoga education provider. With a diverse range of high-quality courses, My Vinyasa Practice is dedicated to helping students develop and deepen their practice, as well as empowering aspiring yoga instructors with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive. Discover their extensive selection of courses, catering to all experience levels and interests, and find the perfect path to enhance your yoga journey.

Who is My Vinyasa Practice?

My Vinyasa Practice is a leading online yoga education provider that offers a wide array of courses and certifications. With a focus on accessibility, affordability, and quality, they aim to make yoga education attainable for everyone, regardless of their background or financial situation. My Vinyasa Practice’s commitment to inclusivity and their passion for sharing the benefits of yoga have earned them a loyal and ever-growing community of students and teachers worldwide.

Why take an online course from My Vinyasa Practice?

  1. My Vinyasa Practice offers high-quality online yoga courses taught by experienced teachers.
  2. Their courses are accessible to anyone, regardless of their location or schedule.
  3. They offer a variety of courses, including 200-hour and 300-hour teacher training programs, as well as courses focused on specific areas of yoga practice.

What is needed to set up a space for taking an online yoga course?

  1. A quiet and private space where you can practice without interruption.
  2. A computer or mobile device with a stable internet connection.
  3. A yoga mat and any props (blocks, straps, blankets) that you may need for your practice.
  4. Comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely and easily.
  5. Good lighting and a clear camera angle so that your teacher can see you clearly.

My Vinyasa Practice’s 10 Best Yoga Certifications Online

Let’s dive right.

1. Yoga Therapy for Anxiety

My Vinyasa Practice offers the Yoga Therapy for Anxiety course, a free online resource designed to help individuals manage anxiety through yoga. Participants can expect to learn various skills and techniques, including meditation, mindfulness, poses, and breathing exercises. The course features video lectures, practices, journaling activities, and guided meditation, ensuring an active learning experience for students. This course is perfect for those interested in exploring yoga for anxiety relief without any financial commitment.

2. Yoga Beginner Series

The Yoga Beginner Series is an introductory course aimed at teaching beginner-level practitioners the essentials of yoga. For $79, students will learn 12 yoga postures, build confidence in their practice, explore the mind-body connection, understand basic yoga terminology, and learn about the positive aspects of yoga. Instructor Leti Alvarez focuses on teaching through the Universal Principles of Alignment, ensuring both effective and safe poses and postures.

3. Online Business of Yoga

The Online Business of Yoga Course from My Vinyasa Practice equips aspiring yoga business owners with the knowledge and strategies needed to succeed. Priced at $190, students will learn about profitable price points, marketing and business plans, target audience identification, and sustainable marketing strategies. The course is designed to be completed in four weeks, but students are encouraged to take as much time as needed to grasp the material.

4. Adaptive Yoga Certification

My Vinyasa Practice’s Adaptive Yoga Certification is a self-paced course, perfect for busy individuals seeking to learn at their own pace. Enrollment guarantees lifetime access to the course materials, allowing students to revisit the content as needed. The course content is delivered through weekly readings, videos, and other resources, with dedicated support from lead trainers and a peer support team.

5. Online Advanced Anatomy & Physiology

The Online Advanced Anatomy & Physiology Course from My Vinyasa Practice offers 40 hours of online videos, lectures, and written content. For $95, students will learn about the myofascial system, meridians, nadis, and their relationships, and the importance of these concepts in yoga practice. The course is suitable for those looking to deepen their practice or teachers seeking to enhance their training foundations.

6. Online Restorative Yoga Certification

My Vinyasa Practice’s Online Restorative Yoga Certification is a self-paced course designed for busy yoga instructors. This 40-hour training counts towards a continuing education certification with Yoga Alliance. The course covers restorative asanas, dynamic sequences for cooldown, stress management, and incorporating sound, oils, and aromatherapy into restorative yoga.

7. 200 Hour YTT Online

My Vinyasa Practice offers an eight-week flexible online course for the 200-hour yoga teacher training certification. With various multimedia learning opportunities such as e-books, peer mentorship programs, pre-recorded classes, podcasts, and study groups, this course caters to diverse learning styles. Students will study various aspects of yoga, including history, philosophy, anatomy, and sequencing.

8. 300 Hour YTT Online

My Vinyasa Practice provides a 300-hour online yoga teacher training course that focuses on application-based learning. Students will explore trauma-informed yoga training, restorative yoga, and adaptive yoga certification, among other topics. The curriculum is designed to deepen the understanding of yoga practice and teaching methodologies.

9. Yoga Nidra Certification

The 40-hour Yoga Nidra Certification from My Vinyasa Practice is a comprehensive online program suitable for beginners to advanced practitioners. For $95, students will learn to guide others through the discipline of Yoga Nidra effectively and meaningfully. The course emphasizes healing and therapy and offers ample opportunities for self-reflection and experimentation.

10. 500 Hour YTT Online

My Vinyasa Practice, founded by Michelle Young, is a renowned online yoga school offering a comprehensive 500-hour yoga teaching program. This self-paced course combines their 200 and 300-hour certification programs, providing authentic yoga teaching training that includes recorded practices, pre-recorded lectures, written content, guided meditations, live Zoom events, and lifetime access to course materials.

Final Thoughts on My Vinyasa Practice’s 10 Best Yoga Certifications Online

In conclusion, My Vinyasa Practice offers a vast array of online yoga courses and certifications to suit the needs of every student, from beginners to experienced practitioners and aspiring instructors. With a focus on quality, affordability, and accessibility, their programs are designed to empower you on your yoga journey, providing the tools and knowledge necessary to cultivate a deeper understanding and practice. Begin your transformative journey today with My Vinyasa Practice and experience the life-changing benefits of yoga for yourself.

Caleb Sharbono is a writer, bio-hacker, wellness advocate, and yogi. Caleb, who grew up on a small Montana ranch, joined the Navy at 17 to study cryptology. He later graduated from the US Naval Academy with a Minor in Mandarin, a Bachelor's in General Engineering, and a Major in English Literature. Caleb's interests and career cover diverse industries and disciplines. Caleb lives in San Antonio and is a Certified Yoga Instructor. He is also studying Zen Buddhism, practicing Holistic Psychology, and working towards his 300-hour yoga teacher training.


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