5 Live Online Yoga Classes for Beginners


oga has been a popular workout for strength, flexibility, balance, and energy for decades. Many people love to practice in a gym or other club that hosts live yoga workouts. However, more people are opting for streaming platforms that host both live and pre-recorded sessions for download.

Five popular live online streaming platforms that offer yoga classes for beginners include:

  1. Yoga Download
  2. Glo
  3. Ompractice
  4. Power Yoga
  5. Yoga International

Each platform is specialized to offer different benefits for members. Beginners should spend time on each platform before choosing.

Here we will look at the differences between these various yoga streaming services, as well as how these platforms work, and what you need to get started. These streaming classes make yoga available to everyone.

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Is it Possible to Live Stream Online Yoga Classes?

There are many organizations and individual teachers that offer live stream, online classes. These classes are ideal for those who want to feel like they are a part of the class. Some formats include two-way viewing so that the instructor can also view class participants and offer feedback in real-time. Others are simply a live stream of an in-person class that at-home yoga practitioners can participate in simultaneously.

  1. Live stream yoga classes allow you to practice with world-famous instructors without the expense of travel and in-person class registration. This opens up a world of opportunity for teachers and practitioners alike.
  2. Live stream yoga classes can be found for every level of expertise. Many classes are appropriate for all skill levels, including beginners.
  3. Live stream classes begin on time. You are expected to log in ahead of time and have your necessary yoga props on hand before class begins.
  4. Single-camera feed classes allow you to view the current class happening live. This means that you can participate without worrying about what you are wearing or how you look during the class.
  5. Two-way camera classes are conducted with an instructor who uses the computer screen to see all class participants and offer feedback on poses in real-time.
  6. Two-way camera class instructors usually sit at the computer and guide class participants through the flow but do not do the flow at the same time as a demonstration, because they need to watch the students on the monitor.
  7. Live stream classes are a way to participate in an unending variation of yoga flows. This helps to keep classes exciting and increases accountability and community.
  8. Nearly every live-streamed class is uploaded as a class that you can download or stream later. So, if you miss your latest live class, you can always pick up where you left off.

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5 Live Online Yoga Classes for Beginners

Here are five great yoga class options for beginners that live stream on a daily or periodic basis. The cost varies between them, and the amount of additional download or streaming material is different between the platforms and providers.

1. Yoga Download

This platform is focused on the ability to download classes and take them anywhere for practice. Some classes are paid, and some are free. This platform has a dizzying array of classes for all skill levels.

  1. Many live streaming yoga classes are free. This is an incredible benefit, especially for beginners who want to try a few live classes before committing to a paid regimen on a monthly or yearly basis.
  2. These live streaming classes are a wonderful way to try out the techniques and teaching styles of various teachers before exploring more content by those specific teachers.
  3. This platform allows you to donate money to the teacher for the live streaming class if you would like. 100% of the money donated through Yoga Download goes directly to the teacher. This type of donation setup benefits everyone.
  4. There are multiple membership levels available with varying access benefits depending on your fitness goals and budget.

2. Glo

This platform delivers a huge variety of studio experiences and world-class instructors right into your home at a slightly more affordable price. Another huge benefit to Glo is that they offer more than yoga. If you want to amp your cardio fitness or try a killer Pilates workout, they offer live classes in those areas as well.

  1. Glo offers live studio-style classes. This means that you have the benefit of anonymity by working out from home with a one-way live stream.
  2. Studio classes can be rerun or offered as downloadable content. Downloading your favorite classes is a great way to increase your ability to do certain flows by practicing them over and over rather than always moving on to new content.
  3. Instructors at Glo create unique classes that can include several different types of workouts into one. This is a favorite benefit for the adventurous.
  4. You can purchase Glo gift certificates for people in your life who would love a month or two of studio workouts at home.
  5. Glo offers a massive library of past workouts on-demand. If you can not catch the live stream you want, or you want to binge on a certain instructor, you will not run out of content. These workouts can be streamed or downloaded so that you can do your workout anywhere and anytime.
  6. Glo offers a free seven-day trial of their full platform experience.

3. Ompractice

This is a pricier live streaming yoga option, but the experience is different than most. You can select from a diverse slate of experienced yoga teachers and a jam-packed class schedule. The types of classes being offered are also widely varied for all different health and fitness goals.

  1. The yoga teacher will watch you do the flow through your computer’s camera and give you feedback on your poses. This is a huge value for all skill levels.
  2. This is the most immersive type of class because of the direct interaction between the instructor and the students.
  3. You can get to know your instructor and other students in the class in a way that regular live streams and downloaded classes do not offer.
  4. You can see other students in the class, and they can see you, but you are all doing your own poses. The instructor is the only one who is watching everything that is happening in the class.
  5. The instructors are well-trained in delivering the class orally. This means that you do not need to watch the screen at all to follow the flow. They will guide you with words so you can focus on your workout.
  6. The accountability of having live classes with teachers who get to know you is the best motivator out there for doing your best and showing up for more.

4. Power Yoga

This famous and acclaimed yoga platform is jam-packed with current live-streaming classes and past classes that are available for both streaming and download.

  1. Power Yoga designed this platform to host filmed or live streaming studio class formats from a wide array of world-class teachers.
  2. Power Yoga offers a free membership with limited content. This is great for those who want to check it out without making a paid commitment.
  3. This platform offers a huge variety of classes that are searchable based on intensity, duration, style, and instructor.
  4. Power Yoga also has designed collections based on certain health and fitness goals. So you can go through a specific class series to address certain fitness goals or areas of concern.
  5. This platform also provides a la carte videos to address concerns such as back strength and purifying breathing.

5. Yoga International

As the name implies, this is truly an international and inclusive yoga experience platform. This unique platform includes instruction in more areas than yoga. It also includes training in yoga therapy, meditation, anatomy and kinesiology, pain mitigation techniques, trauma-informed yoga practice, workshops for kids, and more.

  1. Many of the extra courses and workshops are included with a paid membership, but some are not. Many of these courses and workshops are pricey, with many costing several hundred dollars for the extra content.
  2. Yoga International does not have as much of a focus on live streaming events in particular, but they do have a members-only course called MoveTogether: LIVE that you can sign up for and practice together live with other members.
  3. Yoga International includes a dizzying array of workouts that include yoga series, articles, and podcasts especially for beginners.
  4. A unique offering from Yoga International is that their platform includes a buddy workout link that you can use to host a virtual workout party with your friends. You can stream simultaneously with people that you invite and sweat together.
  5. Yoga International has a 14-day free trial program. This is a longer trial than most platforms give, which is a generous benefit.
live online yoga classes - Yoga International

What Materials Do I Need When Taking a Live Online Yoga Class?

The materials you need depend on the kind of class that you intend to take. However, there is a large intersection of things that you will need to practice yoga wherever you are. There are so many companies offering a wide array of yoga products that you may think you need a lot of things to get started, but that is not true. Yoga is meant to be simple.

  1. Stretchy pants or shorts. You do not need to buy designer pants or name-brand shorts to practice yoga. The name on the label is irrelevant. They need to be sturdy, comfortable, and super stretchy so that you can comfortably increase your flexibility without ripping your pants.
  2. A sturdy tank top that allows for maximum flexibility without flopping up into your face if your head is down.
  3. If you are a lady, then a sturdy and comfortable sports bra is a must.
  4. If you have long hair, then you need a comfortable headband or hair tie to keep your hair out of your face.
  5. It is preferable to practice yoga barefoot. However, if that is not acceptable then you can wear a pair of grippy yoga socks. Some may want to practice in very flexible and lightweight lace-up tennis shoes.
  6. A yoga mat. Buy a good mat with good online reviews. Cheaper mats will get bits torn out of them as you use them, and may even slide around. You need a soft, sturdy, and spongy mat with a good grip. If you are tall, you may want a longer mat so that you do not have to reposition yourself often during flows.
  7. Yoga blankets or blocks. If you are practicing at home, then you do not need to buy blankets. These are to fold and place under you to support your back or hips, providing additional height when you need it. Blocks do the same. If you can not reach the floor, a block brings the floor to you.
  8. These are mainly for beginners who can not reach their feet. Use a strap to get the full effect of the stretch even if you can not reach your feet to grip and hold the proper form. Once you gain more flexibility you can stop using these kinds of props. If you are staying home, you can use a belt or towel as a strap.
  9. A smart TV or computer. For single-camera classes, all you need is a tv or computer to log in to your class and stream the content. For a two-camera class, you will need to use a laptop with a camera. Simply position the camera six to seven feet away, roll out your mat, and log in for class.

 (When you finish with those five classes, you might want to check out the best online yoga courses!)


Do not wait to start yoga when you have all the right equipment and find just the right class. Now you can do yoga in your own home in your sweats, and enjoy world-class instructors streaming into your living room. All you need is a yoga mat for comfort and stability. You will want to invest in some stretchy clothes, especially as you gain more flexibility.

These live stream beginner yoga classes will offer a huge amount of variety for you as you begin, all in the comfort of your own home. You are sure to find instructors who will train you to gain mobility, flexibility, stability, and strength.

(If you are looking for one of the best yoga companies out there, be sure to check out this My Vinyasa Practice review and visit Mind is the Master for more online course reviews.)

Caleb Sharbono is a writer, bio-hacker, wellness advocate, and yogi. Caleb, who grew up on a small Montana ranch, joined the Navy at 17 to study cryptology. He later graduated from the US Naval Academy with a Minor in Mandarin, a Bachelor's in General Engineering, and a Major in English Literature. Caleb's interests and career cover diverse industries and disciplines. Caleb lives in San Antonio and is a Certified Yoga Instructor. He is also studying Zen Buddhism, practicing Holistic Psychology, and working towards his 300-hour yoga teacher training.


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