3 Career Ideas After Receiving Your Children’s Yoga Certification Online


maging walking through a contemporary school setting. You’ll see children in reading and math classes. You may pass a room filled with kids learning songs on flutes, trumpets and violins. Or, you may see kids in smocks gluing pieces of paper together for a fun art project.

But that wouldn’t be all you’d see in a contemporary school setting. Because now, schools are welcoming yoga teachers into their midst, to teach kids all about this ancient art.

Today, you can walk through a school and see children joyfully poses like a lion, maybe even roaring. And, no doubt you’ll see classrooms full of children arching in cat pose, or barking in downward dog poses.

It’s hilarious and joyful to watch a children’s yoga class and no doubt it’s just as fun and joyful for a child to be a part of a yoga class, created just for them.

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3 Fun Career Ideas After Receiving Your Children's Yoga Certification Online

children's yoga certification online - infoTeaching yoga to kids is a bit different that teach to adults. Yes, you’ll still be teaching your students how to achieve mindfulness and peace. You’ll still be showing students how to release stress. And of course, you’ll still be instructing students in safe and fun yoga poses. But you may not be teaching yoga for kids in a studio setting.

There are so many options in which you can use your children’s yoga teaching know-how.  Keep reading as well tell you all about children’s yoga certification online programs.

Do you need a certification to teach kids’ yoga?

That’s a great question that many people ask. And the answer is no, you don’t need a certification to teach kids’ yoga. However, the majority of yoga studios require certification because employers and students will be confident that a certified yoga teacher has successfully completed a high level of education. A certified kid’s yoga teacher will have the specialized training crucial to teaching yoga to children. Yoga is not a one-sized fits all field. Teaching yoga children is vastly different from teaching yoga to adults. So you’ll want to have the highest level of skills as possible.

In this article, we’re going to offer you a wealth of information to help you understand the world of children’s yoga. We’ll give you some fun kid’s yoga career ideas after successfully completing a children’s yoga certification online program, including our favorite idea for a fun children’s yoga teaching career: Teaching yoga in a summer camp!

We’ll also discuss what the certification requirements are to become a children’s yoga teacher.

And, we’ll list some great children’s yoga certification online courses. Take a look at these programs. They’re full of great techniques and information needed to be a great children’s yoga teacher!

3 Fun Career Ideas With a Children's Yoga Certification Online

Yoga classes for kids are always found in the typical yoga studio environment.

As a children’s yoga teacher, you may find yourself working in grade school or even a hospital. But one of the best and most enjoyable places in which you can teach yoga to kids is summer camp.

Keep reading below as we tell you about some of the best ways you can use your online certification in order to show the beauty of yoga to children.

Children’s Yoga Camp Instructor

Do you like the wilderness? Do you like camping. Then maybe you’re destined to teach yoga at a children’s summer camp.

Kids can go away to camp, and, in between art and hiking, they can learn about yoga breath and movement. There are camps that specifically teach yoga for kids from grade school to high school, or there are summer camps that offer yoga classes in addition to all of the typical camp activities, like horse riding, hiking and arts and crafts.

And you’ll be a part of it, leading young minds through the calmness of yoga, while living in a beautiful, idyllic wilderness setting. What’s not to like?

School Yoga Teacher

Certified children’s yoga teachers can find great jobs in public and private schools. From pre-school to high school, educational programs are discovered the joy and value in teaching their students yoga. Toddlers to teens are learning fun poses, meditation techniques to help with stress, and techniques for healthier lives, all in a typical school day!

In some grade schools, middle schools and high schools, kids attend yoga classes instead of tradition gym classes. They’re gaining the health benefits of yoga which they’ll carry with them throughout their school day! And, if you choose to become a yoga teacher in a school, you’ll be able to aid students in the peaceful teachings of yoga.

Children’s Yoga Teaching in Hospitals

 If you’re interested in a kid’s yoga teaching career that will spread joy, peacefulness and healing, think about teaching children’s yoga in a hospital. Hospitals offer yoga and mindfulness to children and adolescents with psychiatric issues. You’ll be helping children deal learn to handle stress and learn tolerance.

But not only can you teach yoga to children with psychiatric issues, yoga has been found to be helpful for children with even severe medical issues. Breathing, relaxation and yoga poses will aid in a child’s recovery and make they feel empowered.

What are the requirements to be certified to teach yoga to children?

There are actually no requirements to teach yoga. Most yoga studios, however, require Yoga Alliance certification. Yoga Alliance, the gold standard in yoga certification, is known and respected worldwide.

And Yoga Alliance registration standards for registered yoga teacher training programs with Children’s Yoga training include 95 hours of education. Just know, to be certified by Yoga Alliance to be a Children’s Yoga teacher, you’ll also need a RYT-200.

Yoga Alliance’s Children’s Yoga teaching standards include:

  1. 12 hours of General Background in Children’s Yoga: Understand childhood development stages as well as the yoga teacher’s relationship with parents/guardians. Develop basic communication skills for successful relationships with parents/guardians.
  2. 15 hours of Teaching Methodology: Learn techniques for the classroom, write lesson plans and gain age-appropriate teaching and communication skills.
  3. 10 hours of Anatomy and Physiology: Learn anatomy and physiology for different stages of child development. Learn physical and energy anatomy.
  4. 12 hours of Yoga Philosophy and Ethics: Learn yoga precepts such as th*e yamas and niyamas as they relate to children. Learn basics of ethical behavior and language toward children, parents and guardians.
  5. 18 hours of Practicum: Observe and teach children’s yoga.
  6. 7 hours of Electives: Learn from various different educational categories.

How do I get started with an online certification in Children's Yoga?

If you want to get started on your path toward teaching Children’s Yoga you’re going to have to find the right children’s yoga certification online program. We’ve listed five great courses below. Take a good look through them and we’re sure you’ll see one that feels right.

Little Flower Yoga – offers a children’s yoga certification online program that will show prospective employers that you are adept at teaching yoga and mindfulness to kids aged 3 to 18. The program includes three levels of core curriculum, as well as courses in chair yoga for children, trauma-informed yoga teaching, and special needs support. The, you’ll advance to learning to create your own curriculum, and finally, you’ll wrap up your children’s yoga certification program by being mentored, for personalized support.

And once you finish the program, you’ll be eligible for Yoga Alliance certification.

Childlight Education Company Registered Children’s Yoga School – is a 95-hour Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher (RCYT) online program that trains yoga teachers and those interested in yoga to add children’s yoga to their repertoire. Children’s yoga teacher trainers study yoga and mindfulness for children, yoga for babies and toddlers, yoga and mindfulness for tweens and teens, and so much more.

To gain Yoga Alliance RCYT certification, you must already have your 200 RYT. You can still take the course if you don’t have your 200 RYT certification, but you won’t be able to get your Yoga Alliance RCYT certification. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to teach children’s yoga.

Kidding Around Yoga – offers a  children’s yoga online program that will allow yoga teachers to gain continuing education credits with Yoga Alliance once they complete the program.

Kidding Around Yoga’s Virtual Kids Yoga Teacher Training includes self-paced learning and virtual live sessions to give aspiring kids yoga teachers the know-how needed be skilled and confident kids yoga teachers.

You’ll learn:

  1. Deep relaxation for kids
  2. How to run your own kid’s yoga business
  3. Yoga arts and crafts
  4. How to structure your kid’s yoga class
  5. And so much more

Cosmic Kids: is on a mission to promote a healthy lifestyle, empowerment and peace. In this fun and dynamic class kids’ yoga teacher training, you’ll learn:

  1. Children’s yoga poses
  2. Child development
  3. Yoga philosophy
  4. Special needs-related yoga
  5. Trauma-related topics
  6. Anatomy

After finishing the course, 200 RYT yoga instructors will receive Yoga Alliance-approved continuing education credits. Cosmic Kids also offers their own certification as well as a global community of kids’ yoga teachers that prospective kid’s yoga teachers can be a part of. You’ll gain the support and inspiration you need to soar as a kid’s yoga teacher.

Yoga Kids: offers their own kid’s yoga certification and is the only kid’s yoga program endorsed by Deepak Chopra and Andrew Weil.

  1. How to structure a kids yoga class
  2. Kid’s anatomy and development
  3. 115 kids’ yoga postures
  4. And everything else you need to know to safely and successfully offer kid’s yoga classes!

Yoga Kids is an exciting course, guiding teacher trainer in integrating art, music, science, literacy and so much more in its revolutionary 3-level children’s yoga certification online program.

Wrapping up

Teaching yoga to children is a really rewarding career. You’ll be guiding children and youth into learning to live healthier lives.

And teaching children to handle stress will give them tools that will help them throughout their lives.

By choosing a children’s yoga certification online program and passing your knowledge on to young people, you’ll be changing and improving your students’ lives. And, by helping people live better lives, you’ll change your own life for the better.

We hope you enjoyed reading about all of the fun career choices you can make after embarking on a children’s yoga certification online program including our favorite choice: Teaching yoga at a summer camp!

And, certification is such an important topic, the information we offered will give you the knowledge you need to choose a children’s yoga certification online program.

Lastly, we gave you some great choices for children’s yoga certification online courses. We hope you read about offerings and follow the links we offer so that you can choose the best program for you.

Good luck on starting your journey in the rewarding field of children’s yoga!

Caleb Sharbono is a writer, bio-hacker, wellness advocate, and yogi. Caleb, who grew up on a small Montana ranch, joined the Navy at 17 to study cryptology. He later graduated from the US Naval Academy with a Minor in Mandarin, a Bachelor's in General Engineering, and a Major in English Literature. Caleb's interests and career cover diverse industries and disciplines. Caleb lives in San Antonio and is a Certified Yoga Instructor. He is also studying Zen Buddhism, practicing Holistic Psychology, and working towards his 300-hour yoga teacher training.


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