The 10 Best Yoga Studios in Los Angeles


t doesn't matter what your goals are when starting your yoga journey. This new journey can be a little intimidating. However, everything will be a little easier to handle with the right yoga studio and yoga teacher. Finding the right yoga studio will help you clear out a path to get started with your fitness, spiritual, and mental journey without much to worry about. 

There are many yoga studios in Los Angeles where you can partake in your daily practice, but you won’t be comfortable if you don’t find the right studio for you. Here, we’ll help you by outlining the best yoga studios in Los Angeles for you to choose which studio suits your needs the most.

How do I choose a yoga studio in Los Angeles?

There are many ways to determine which yoga class will work best for you. To choose a yoga studio, you will need to determine whether it matches your needs. 

  1. Clarify your goals: The first step that will help you find the perfect yoga class is being frank with yourself about what you want. Are you joining yoga since your doctor recommended it as a way to reduce stress? Are you using it to get fitter? Do you have an injury and need the therapeutic help of yoga, or are you prenatal or postnatal? For example, if you want to start practicing yoga because you’re just curious and don’t know what you’d like, you can begin with Yoga 100 or a beginner’s class. Having the answer to your goals or motivations will help you narrow down your search for the perfect yoga studio. 
  2. Go to the yoga studio and check it out: Sometimes deciding to choose a yoga studio solely depends on how you find it in person. Why not go to the yoga studio and look around? Of course, you won’t be allowed to stay in an ongoing class as it will cause interference, but you can talk to the receptionist, owner, or yoga teacher. Look around and read into the energy. Is this the place you want to practice yoga every day? You can check if there’s music in class, how big the classrooms are, and even the type of teachers these classes have. If you prefer a certain gender, check out for that. The size of the class and the number of students attending will determine how much attention you’ll get from your yoga teacher, so keep that in mind. If you’re a beginner and need more attention, a class of 100 students won’t do the trick. You can also check the schedules to see if they match your availability. 
  3. Do some more research on the yoga studio: If you need to be more sure of the yoga studio you want to join, you’ll need to do the work. Check online if the teachers have had teacher training certifications, and look into whether the yoga studio has good reviews. You can get a lot of information online about the teachers and institutions. You can check how long they’ve been in business, where they’ve studied, whom they’ve studied with, and if the teachers are Yoga Alliance approved. Yoga teachers need to be certified, especially if you need yoga for therapeutic purposes or you’re in prenatal or postnatal.
  4. Ask people you know: There’s a high chance you know someone practicing yoga in Los Angeles. Whether a friend or coworker, ask them which studios they think are good and why. You can also ask about the yoga style they prefer and why. All these simple questions will give you more insight into what to expect.

What type of yoga is practiced in Los Angeles studios?

There are four types of yoga styles that are most practiced in Los Angeles, meaning that it’s probably what you’ll find in the majority of the best yoga studios in Los Angeles. These include:

  1. Kundalini 
  2. Ashtanga 
  3. Iyengar 
  4. Bikram 

Minus Kundalini yoga, the rest are forms of Hatha yoga in its physical form. The most commonly practiced types of yoga in Los Angeles reflect what most people enjoy and prefer doing. It doesn’t mean that you won’t find other forms of yoga to practice. It just means that these are the common ones. Otherwise, you’ll find other types of yoga to practice in Los Angeles. 

Bikram yoga is the most popular of the four types of yoga because Los Angeles is the home of Bikram yoga. Bikram Choudhury introduced this form of yoga in the 1980s before further teaching the whole world about it. LA being the home for Bikram yoga means that most studios offer this type of yoga.

The 10 Best Yoga Studios In Los Angeles

1. Hot 8 Yoga

If you want to try out hot yoga, then this studio is the place to be. They offer hot yoga classes for beginners and even advanced yogis. Their classes vary depending on your level, ensuring there’s something for everyone. They have unique heating methods which ensure every class gets the hottest and freshest air to get their sweat flowing. The yoga teachers and staff are pretty kind and polite, giving you ample space and a feeling of belonging when coming in for your daily practice.

2. Red Diamond Yoga

This yoga studio has top-quality class guidance and amazing individual service, unlike many other studios in Los Angeles, where you will find the one-on-one attention you want with your yoga teacher. Every other staff at the institution is always ready to welcome you in with a smile and a complimentary manduka. The environment that you will have in your class is warm, safe, and clean. In this studio, the yoga sequences are made to ensure you warm up your body naturally without external heating to incite the body’s natural healing and refinement.

3. Wanderlust Hollywood

This studio is where people come to learn, taste, and meet. They are known for great festivals. Here is where experts in all disciplines invite and inspire their members to live with intention. They have varying yoga, meditation, special events, and workshops. They offer a great experience, from a nutritious menu to wine tasting, meditation, and film screenings. This studio is a place to rejuvenate the body and sustain the soul.

4. Black Dog Yoga

If you want to join an unpretentious yoga studio, this one is the best. Here, you’ll find a diverse community that won’t judge you and your level of flexibility. They have over 80 classes a week, ranging from beginner to expert level. If you’re a veteran or in the military, you’ll get to practice yoga here for free.

5. Yoga House Pasadena

If you’re a beginner yogi, this is probably the best place to start if you’re near the location. It offers three free classes for beginners, which will help you make up your mind about what you want. Seniors and students get a 10% discount. This yoga studio is one of the oldest and largest. They also offer therapeutic yoga for various conditions.

6. Center for Yoga LA

This studio has a diversity of instructors giving you a chance to choose whose style you love the most. They also have 55 classes a week, meaning you’ll find something for yourself here. If you’re looking for therapeutic yoga, you will also find it here. There’s a class that utilizes self-massage to restore the body and balance after vigorous exercise. They have parking and spa-like restrooms offering you towels, showers, and other necessities.

7. Yoga at The Raven

Getting into this yoga studio gives you a Bali-like vibe. The owner is known for his playful yet intuitive spirit, and the guidance everyone needs to advance more in their practice. Here, you’ll learn how to do handstands, challenging arm balances, and splits.  At this studio is where you’ll find other yogis and feel like part of a community. The teachers teach a deeply rooted yoga practice in tradition, with a few putting a modern spin on this form of art. If you’re a student, you’ll get a discount. There’s also a Raven spa adjacent to the studio if you’d like to indulge in after-class pampering.

8. YOGAqua

YOGAqua is technically not a yoga studio as we would traditionally describe a yoga studio to look like. You will notice that there is no use of yoga mats but rather paddleboards. Don’t be surprised to see someone sink into a child’s pose on a paddleboard in the middle of the breezy marina. When showing up for these classes, ensure you dress in something you’re okay getting wet since you may fall once or twice (or probably a couple of times). You don’t need to come with your board as there are rented boards you’ll use included in the class fee. The challenge this offers is aligning yourself with the paddleboard and not falling.

9. Yogaraj

Do you want a hustle-free yoga class? Then Yogaraj is the place to be. There’s no front desk or any lengthy process of getting into a class. All you’ll need is ten dollars, cash or check, and you can join in the class fun. This gem is a fantastic place to practice your yoga. You’ll find various classes offering Vinyasa yoga for whatever practice level you’re on here. You can also come here for workshops and sound baths on the first Friday of each month. During sound baths, they use Himalayan singing bowls for bathing everyone in the experience.

10. Aura Yoga

If you want to experience what yoga could be like in far-off galaxies, this is the right place. There’s a glowing UFO in the ceiling, and the room is adorned with LED lights and slightly heated. You will get free water, and you can acquire other amenities like yoga mats at a fee. There’s a free parking lot for every student, and you can grab an acai bowl next door after your yoga class.

Final thoughts

Finding a good yoga class can be hard, especially when you’re in LA since it’s flooded with these. Above, we have listed some of the best yoga studios in Los Angeles, and you can check them out. There’s something for everyone above, and I’m sure you will find a yoga class that resonates with you.

Caleb Sharbono is a writer, bio-hacker, wellness advocate, and yogi. Caleb, who grew up on a small Montana ranch, joined the Navy at 17 to study cryptology. He later graduated from the US Naval Academy with a Minor in Mandarin, a Bachelor's in General Engineering, and a Major in English Literature. Caleb's interests and career cover diverse industries and disciplines. Caleb lives in San Antonio and is a Certified Yoga Instructor. He is also studying Zen Buddhism, practicing Holistic Psychology, and working towards his 300-hour yoga teacher training.


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