The 7 Best Vinyasa Yoga Flow Music Videos


f you have ever participated in a yoga class, you know music’s difference in mind and body connection. Having the right music can make the difference between having a relaxing and refreshing Vinyasa Yoga Flow practice and a highly distracting experience.

The best Vinyasa Yoga Flow music videos are focused on ensuring students can let themselves go into their practice without distractions. Since Vinyasa can make the mind and body connection, it is essential that the environment, including the music, be set up to support that.

To discover the best Vinyasa Yoga Flow music videos depends heavily on your ultimate goal in your practice. Keep reading to learn more about Vinyasa Yoga and the 7 best Vinyasa Yoga Flow music videos.

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What is a Vinyasa Flow?

Vinyasa Flow is a type of yoga where the poses are linked together to form one continuous movement sequence. In these classes, students are challenged to connect their movements with their breaths as well as to keep a fast pace. 

An essential component of Vinyasa classes is moving with your breath to connect a person with their inner self. The practice of this style of yoga focuses on flowing through various poses in a way that leaves you in one place for less time.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga is a beautiful cross between fast and physical and soft and gentle. As you focus on your breath during the practice, you can go into the various poses with purpose, taking deep breaths and exhaling slowly.

As with other types of yoga, Vinyasa Flow has many benefits for anyone who participates in the practice. Here are some of the most common advantages of practicing this style of yoga:

  1. Heart Health: since the practice involves movement that is connected to your breath, it creates a cardiovascular workout that is comparable to other fast-paced activities.
  2. Strength Building: The constant movement of Vinyasa Flow requires various muscles of the body that result in building muscles in a more balanced way.
  3. Relieves stress: and anxiety because of the connection between the breath and movement Vinyasa Flow Yoga can help calm the mind and body to allow you to let go of any stresses you may feel.

What Makes a Great Vinyasa Flow Track?

For many people, music has a way of seeping into your soul and providing you with the ability to let go of whatever is on your mind and just be with the music. Music has been used for centuries to connect individuals to their minds and connect people with each other.

While some people prefer to do their yoga practice in silence, others enjoy the gentleness of soothing music that follows the yoga flow sequence. With the right playlist, yogis can focus on their breath by getting lost in the music from the track playing.

And if you are learning yoga at home, adding the music could be a great way to enjoy your practice even more!

Although many yoga instructors build their ultimate Vinyasa Flow tracks to follow the sequence of their routine, many others either prefer silence or do not want to take the time to come up with new playlists regularly. Because of this, many tracks exist that instructors can use in their classes without creating them themselves.

Many things make up a great Vinyasa Flow track to work well with the practice the instructor has planned. Many factors should be considered, from the type of Vinyasa you intend to the people participating.

Here are a few factors that make a great Vinyasa Flow track:

  1. Appropriate for the flow
  2. Suitable for the age level of the class
  3. Right for the type of flow planned for the course (slow, fun, fast, etc.)
  4. Appropriate for various clientele (hearing impaired, special circumstances, etc.)
  5. Fit for the class length
  6. Suitable for the time of day

While many more considerations should be considered as you plan your Vinyasa Flow track, these are the most important. This is because if you happen to play the music that is meant for a more upbeat class for a class that is early in the morning and full of mostly elderly or sedated students, you may have trouble retaining their attention.

The 7 Best Vinyasa Yoga Flow Music Videos

Choosing a playlist for a Vinyasa Yoga Flow can be daunting, especially if you are a newer yoga instructor. Although many seasoned yoga instructors decide to create their own playlists based on a variety of factors, those who are new may choose to rely on those playlists that already exist. 

A quick search on the internet on websites such as YouTube will return quite a few results for a wide variety of playlists to choose from. Depending on the type of classes you plan to teach, you will want to ensure that you pick the right track that fits your session.

While there are many different playlists available on YouTube and other sites, read on to discover some of the most famous music videos that are best suited for Vinyasa Yoga.

1. Music for Vinyasa Flow Upbeat Funky Groovy Grounding - Ali Kamenova Yoga

The music in this Vinyasa playlist from Ali Kamenova Yoga is designed to be upbeat for those who need that energetic kick to their yoga practice. The piece was created by Johnny Be and fits nicely with a yoga flow practice aimed at bringing more energy into the body.

The music starts slowly with a steady beat and becomes more upbeat as it goes along through the playlist. The creativity with the music can easily follow the sequence of a Vinyasa flow that is fast-paced. 

Additionally, as you continue to listen to the track, it is easy to see where the yoga sequence begins to move into the cool-down phase of the practice. Students will also be able to tell by the music that the Vinyasa practice is coming close.

While a majority of the track is the upbeat and groovy mix of music, the end of the track allows for students to come back to the room in a way that flows naturally. This will enable them to become aware of their surroundings while their body rests from the intense workout.

2. Music for Vinyasa Flow: MeditationRelaxClub

The music on this playlist is designed for those participating in shorter Vinyasa Yoga Flows that are more on the soft and gentle side of the practice. The zen playlist is excellent for yogis who are focused on relaxing and creating a sense of calm for themselves.

Vinyasa Yoga instructors who use this music typically do so when they want to create a peaceful atmosphere for their students to relax and focus on the breath and movement connections that this type of yoga is known for. Being able to listen to calming music while flowing from one pose to the next can help yogis move away from their busy minds and focus on their bodies.

Mixed with the musical instruments on the playlist are beautiful nature sounds that add to the experience of calming the mind and body. From one section of the music to the next, students and instructors can experience the feeling of being outside with nature which adds to the relaxation.

3. Vinyasa Flow Music: Songs of Eden

This particular playlist was selected by yogi Tiziana Rettaroli and was composed by Songs of Eden to be used for Vinyasa Yoga Flow practice. The playlist is designed for a 50-minute class and is upbeat and peaceful at the same time.

Along with the beautiful pictures demonstrating a variety of yoga poses, the music gives a sense of power, which is needed for a fast-paced Vinyasa Flow. The transitions from one track to the next are almost seamless, which is perfect for any yoga class.

Yoga instructors who enjoy music that does not disrupt the flow of their practice will find this track to be a pleasant surprise of both music and some lyrics and sounds. While there are some yogis who tend to get distracted with any type of music that has words or human sounds, this one is done so subtly that it fits into the theme.

4. Modern Vinyasa Yoga Music: Zen That Beat

Zen That Beat is an individual who creates his music using music and sounds found from various locations worldwide. He has taken these sounds and put them together in a way that allows them to be perfect for a Vinyasa Yoga Flow.

Most of the music on this playlist is a combination of instrumental and various sounds, although some places in the track have subtle lyrics. Though some yogis feel that lyrics in the music used for Vinyasa can be distracting, the ones in this track have a way of being just part of the musical sounds.

This is a 60-minute track that makes it great for a variety of Vinyasa Yoga Flows that are either intended to be a medium to fast-paced session to those that are softer in nature. The yoga playlist could be used during an early morning session or for those sessions that are for a younger clientele.

5. Music for Yoga Vinyasa Flow Meditation Sleep “Lovever”

This Vinyasa Yoga Flow was composed by Johnny Be and the video created by Ali Kamenova Yoga. This track was designed to be used during a flow that is focused on creating calm and relaxing connections with the mind and body.

Vinyasa Yoga Flow classes created to be slow and gentle will find this playlist especially helpful. The music Johnny Be created is well put together and transitions from one to another almost unnoticeable. 

While much of the track is similar to the rest, it creates a constant flow for those who need to get out of their heads and concentrate on the breath and body movement. The constancy of the playlist well supports the continuous motion that is well known in Vinyasa Yoga.

6. Yoga Vinyasa Music: Songs of Eden

This 90-minute Vinyasa Yoga Flow music track is composed by Songs of Eden and is put together for those who enjoy the slow build to the fast-paced Vinyasa flow. Whether you are an instructor or a student, you may find this track to be a refreshing and relaxing way to practice yoga.

While the track starts off slow to allow yogis to warm up and get into the yoga mindset, it soon transitions into the pace of music that is needed to get your body moving in a challenging and motivating way.

Much of the track is a combination of instrumental music mixed with various sounds; some human sounds fit right into the pace of the playlist. The lyrics and other human sounds allow for students to have some variety but at the same time keep them focused on connecting their movement with their breath throughout the practice.

7. 30-Minute Vinyasa Yoga Music Flow Playlist

Zen That Beat composed this modern take on the Vinyasa Yoga Flow music that is great for a shorter 30-minute flow session. With the variety of instruments combined with various ambient sounds, this playlist can be used to help quiet the mind and help yogis focus on the practice at hand.

The track combines slower music with a modern edge that allows for a warm-up to give practitioners time to connect to the breath and get ready for the short workout ahead. Once the music has played for a bit, the beat tends to pick up, perfect for the flow of a Vinyasa practice.

The track’s ending, much like the beginning, allows yogis to relax the mind and body to move into a Shavasana pose that can further let them calm themselves down. The music slows to a steady rhythm that further creates a flow that slowly brings awareness back to the room to allow them to take the calm into their day.

Final Thoughts

Altogether, when it comes to Vinyasa Yoga Flow, music is one of the most critical components of the practice. While it is not necessary, most yoga instructors and practitioners enjoy having music with their flow to help them stake their minds off of other things and focus. 

Since music has been a source of connection and relaxation for many people, it is no surprise that music playlists are so crucial to Vinyasa practice. Choosing the right music can help your students relax and make the right connections between their breath, mind, and body.

Caleb Sharbono is a writer, bio-hacker, wellness advocate, and yogi. Caleb, who grew up on a small Montana ranch, joined the Navy at 17 to study cryptology. He later graduated from the US Naval Academy with a Minor in Mandarin, a Bachelor's in General Engineering, and a Major in English Literature. Caleb's interests and career cover diverse industries and disciplines. Caleb lives in San Antonio and is a Certified Yoga Instructor. He is also studying Zen Buddhism, practicing Holistic Psychology, and working towards his 300-hour yoga teacher training.


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